An Adult Family Home May Be Perfect for Your Senior Parent

Although most seniors would prefer to age at home, there may come a time when that arrangement is no longer affordable or safe. Traditionally, seniors who can not live independently find themselves in a retirement home, but now there are other options for families to explore such as the adult family home. 

Adult family homes are changing senior care in a big way. An adult family home is an alternative assisted living arrangement where your senior parent can still live independently within a community.

Adult family homes are smaller scale assisted living facilities in single home settings. Several residents live in each home with their own bedroom living space and shared spaces like the kitchen and living areas.

Making the transition to assisted living can be tough on the whole family. Adult family homes can help you, and your parents are comfortable with your choice. All your concerns will be addressed, including understanding safety in adult family homes.

Although each home is on a smaller scale than an institution-style facility, there is still 24/7 care available for each resident. Let’s look at a few of the reasons that an adult family home may be the perfect fit for your senior parent.

5 Reasons How Adult Family Home Might Be Perfect for Seniors:

1. Comfortable Environment

Making a move from a comfortable and familiar family home to an institutionalized retirement facility can be a shocking transition. Adult family homes are designed to look and feel more like a traditional home.

Each of the six to 10 residents will have the privacy of their bedroom suite and share the rest of the house. Your senior parent will feel more comfortable and at home in these charming facilities.

2. Affordability

Assisted living and retirement facilities cost more than 30% more than an adult group home. Many retirees are already living on a tight budget, making it tough to choose affordable care.

Adult group homes can provide the right level of care with 24-hour supervision for a much smaller price tag.


3. Independence

Not all seniors are ready to give up their active lifestyles when moving to a retirement community. Adult group homes allow your parents to live independently while getting the care they need.

Housemates are selected by matching residents with interests and backgrounds in common, so it’s easier to make connections and friendships.

4. Full-Time Supervision

Most adult group homes provide customized resident care with full-time house supervision. The level of care required by each resident can be fully customized.

Each home has a full-time professional care worker that rotates every 12 hours. There will always be someone in the house if your parents need any help or assistance.

5. Companionship

One of the most common trials for seniors is the struggle with loneliness and depression. If your senior parent has been living alone and feeling isolated and abandoned, an adult group home may be the perfect solution.

Each residence houses up to 10 other residents ensuring that your senior parent will never be alone. Being able to make friendships and relationships easily is one of the benefits of sharing a group home.

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable assisted living for your senior parent, an adult group home may be the perfect solution for them and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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