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Best Solution for Stress | Color Yoga

The coloring is intelligence having fun and the best solution for stress. We have been coloring since our childhood. A toddler starts holding a crayon before a pencil, he is taught to scribble with a crayon first.

Best Solution for Stress Color Yoga-wonderparenting

Your preschooler spends most of the time in coloring, be it scribbling, finger painting, palm painting or just random strokes of a brush. Unlike adults or older kids, preschoolers and toddlers are not aware of what they are creating. The coloring is a process, not the product. Children stay in the moment and express themselves through their art. Let them do it freely without intervening. You never know if they would become the next Picasso!

As parents, we need to inspire creativity in our children:

  • Do not draw with your child as it can discourage him. He might not draw as fine as you are sketching. Stay near him and support him in creating art of his own.
  • Avoid generic compliments, be specific about the art and appreciate your child’s artwork. Try to be precise while commenting. Instead of saying ‘Good coloring or a beautiful sketch’, try to say ‘You used a lot of red colors. Why did you choose that color?’ It will enhance his thinking. It also shows that you have precisely seen the artwork of your child.
  • Do not spoon feed your child. Instead of telling him what to draw or how to draw, encourage him to experiment with his colors. Avoid giving orders by telling your child to draw a house or a garden. Tell him to sit at his favorite place and he can draw anything which he feels like or whatever he sees.
  • Explore your child’s artwork together. Ask him what made him think to draw this and why he has used such colors. Tell him to explain his artwork.
  • To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Do not suggest the changes or additions once your child finishes his artwork. Make him feel that whatever he has created, it is good enough. It will increase his self-confidence and encourage him to be more creative.

You must have heard about Color Yoga. The coloring is not only beneficial for children but also for adults. It is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Creating art boosts young children’s ability to analyze and problem-solving in many ways.

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The coloring is not only fun but also has a number of benefits.

Benefits of Color Yoga & how is it the best solution for stress

  1. Stress Relief

Coloring helps you mentally and emotionally, it is a great way to calm your body and mind. Taking a few minutes out of your busy day to color will help you to relieve your stress. Coloring feels meditative as it allows you to free your mind from the thoughts that are causing stress. So next time when you feel your child is bit stressed or your stress level is rising, take out a coloring book and colors. It will truly help to relax. It is the best solution for stress.

  1. Enhances Creativity

Being creative is not rocket science. You can use colors and make a unique drawing. It is just about how you express yourself with different strokes of your brush. It need not be perfect artwork. Coloring enhances creativity. It brings out your own and unique imagination.

  1. Relieves Anxiety

When your mind keeps thinking and you land up in anxiety due to overthinking, coloring can help you and it takes your mind off from the unnecessary thoughts. The coloring is a good distraction technique to cure mild anxiety. It also improves focus and attention which calms your brain and helps in reducing the heart rate.

  1. Breaks monotony of the day

When our day is full of physical activities, it wipes us out and drains our energy. The coloring is meant for those times to give yourself a break. It is a simple, relaxing and calming activity. It is not energy draining until you don’t overdo it.

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Why introduce coloring to your child at an early age?

  • When kids manipulate with the paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve.
  • Sorting and counting colors help them to learn the basic of mathematics.
  • Experimenting with materials for art help them to dabble in science.
  • Creating art helps to boost self-confidence.
  • Experimenting and making mistakes help them to invent new ways of thinking.
  • Exploring beyond the craft room helps to boost imagination.
  • It helps in brain development.
  • It improves concentration and focus.
  • Coloring enhances the manual dexterity (the ability to coordinate hand and finger movements to grasp an object).
  • It is the best solution for stress.

Stop resisting and start creating!

Share with us your creativity. Have more to add to the best solution for stress? Please share with us your best solution for stress tips in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy and Colorful Parenting!


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