How to reduce air pollution effects on health?

Air pollution has become one of the serious concerns for all of us. If you are living in a polluted area, you will get affected by many respiratory and lungs diseases. It is important to know the effective home remedies of how to reduce air pollution effects on health authored by Ishika Sharma.

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If you are living in a polluted environment for a short time, the effects will be limited to irritation of the eyes, throat, nose, headaches, allergic reactions, nausea and will have an impact on individuals suffering from asthma.

If you are living in an area which is falling in air pollution red alert zone, i.e. Air Quality Index (AQI) is higher than 300 for a long time, then you may get affected by many dangerous diseases.

The long-term air pollution effects are severe and may cause chronic respiratory diseases, heart diseases, lung cancer, and even may damage your brain, nerves, kidneys or liver.

If you are living in a polluted area then some of the tips, exercises, healthy diet and precautions can reduce the impact of air pollution on health.

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How to reduce air pollution effects on health with these remedies

  1. Cardiovascular exercises will keep your lungs healthy

Regular exercises, workouts, and yoga will improve blood circulation in your body and will undoubtedly improve your health. Cardiovascular exercises will keep your lungs healthy and reduce the harmful impact of air pollution.

It would be best if you prefer indoor activities/exercises/workouts when outdoor air pollution is alarming. To get better and perfect results, you can also hire an experienced trainer. Most of the times, AQI in many areas of Delhi NCR fall in a dangerous zone, the people of Delhi can hire a certified yoga instructor at home for better guidance, support and perfect result.

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2. Use olive oil for proper lung functioning

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) present in olive oil improves the lungs functioning. It can also benefit the person who is infected with Asthma.

3. Use avocado and spinach in your diet

The Vitamin E present in avocado and spinach can help you in making your lungs healthy. Use of avocado can also reduce the anti-aging effect in you and will also make your skin soft. You can use it in the salad too.

4. Increase Vitamin C level in the body

Vitamin C present in the body helps in regenerating Vitamin E. Vitamin C, antioxidants help in the removal of free radicals from the body. Try to consume at least 1 lemon on a daily basis to have a good level of Vitamin C in the body for proper functionality of lungs.

Vitamin C will also help in the appropriate functioning of the liver and will also reduce the anti-aging effect. Amla & Guava are rich in Vitamin C.  Citrus foods like oranges will also contribute Vitamin C to the body.

5. Increase intake of Vitamin E   

Almonds and sunflower seeds are also a good source of Vitamin E which can be used to make your lungs healthy. Salmon, Roe, and Eel are some of the best-recommended fish which can be used to increase vitamin E level in the body to boost the health of your lungs.

6. Omega 3   

Omega 3 rich foods can also reduce the effect of air pollution. Sources of Omega 3 are walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, methi seeds, green leafy vegetables, rajma, Kala Chana, Bajra, etc.

7. Turmeric

Use turmeric to fight dangerous air pollutants again.

8. Minimize Smoke

Do not burn wood or trash. The hazardous pollutants released after burning of woods can affect your lungs and health. Don’t smoke and don’t allow anyone to smoke indoors as it increases the level of indoor air pollution.

 9. Use Air-purifiers

Use 24-hour air-purifying indoor plants to increase the quality level of your surrounding air.

Have more tips to add on how to reduce air pollution effects on health? Please share with us a few more tips on how to reduce air pollution effects on health in the comments section below.

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