How to prevent children from pollution

How to prevent children from pollution | Air and Noise Pollution caused due to Firecrackers

The pomp and show during festivals all around gear up the extensive air and noise pollution. Let’s read – How to prevent children from pollution?

How to prevent children from pollution

Air Pollution

An eye-opening fact about air pollution is that air pollution is not always visible. Tiny dust particles, fumes, odor or gases which are suspended in the atmosphere can travel hundreds of miles. Before these are settled down, these are inhaled and travel deeply into the lungs and enters the bloodstream.

Children are more prone to airborne diseases and skin allergies as they are more physically active.

Children breathe more air per kilo of body weight and their lungs are not fully developed until their teenage. So, more harmful particles enter their lungs which are then transferred into their bloodstream causing havoc.

This also affects their physical and mental growth. More toxin intake is likely to impair bone development as it replaces calcium in the bones.

Two gases are released by bursting firecrackers – sulfur dioxide which causes respiratory allergies and nitrogen dioxide which triggers skin allergies.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution increases stress level and can also cause long-term hearing loss. According to research, a normal conversation has a range of 60db (decibels). If the range exceeds 130db, it causes pain and damage to our ears. Babies, toddlers, and children get discomfort even at 85db.

Firecrackers emit a noise when burst which is harmful to babies as it ranges between 130db and 150db.

Exposure to the loud sounds cause harm to adult ears, so you can imagine the harm they can wreck to your babies or infants.

Noise pollution reduces concentration power and working efficiency.

Let’s read tips on how to prevent children from pollution.

How to prevent children from pollution caused due to firecrackers

15 Tips on How to prevent children from pollution caused due to firecrackers:

  1. Avoid bursting crackers which cause major damage to air quality and can trigger skin allergies.
  2. Make them wear closed footwear and fully covered clothes. Avoid wearing loose clothes. Children should be dressed in safe and non-flammable fabrics (ideally cotton is the best).
  3. To avoid skin allergies, apply moisturizer.
  4. To avoid respiratory allergies, use high-quality mask covering the nose and mouth appropriately to filter out dangerous airborne particles. N95 or N99 rated masks filter 95% to 99% particles.
  5. Burst only eco-friendly crackers (bought from a licensed shop with a safety mark on it), which does not cause much pollution.
  6. To protect ears use ear balls or ear muffs.
  7. To protect eyes, use protective eyewear.
  8. Maintain a safe distance from lights and crackers.
  9. Avoid areas that are more exposed to smoke emissions.
  10. Wash hands and rinse mouth to avoid contact with any leftover cracker’s chemicals.
  11. Try to stay indoors and indulge in other activities to celebrate the festival. This will also comfort your pets from noise pollution.
  12. You can invest in a good air-purifier or air filter.
  13. Do not leave children unattended. Children should be under the supervision of adults while bursting crackers, to avoid unwanted accidents.
  14. Keep fire-extinguisher and first-aid kit handy.
  15. Infants, babies, and toddlers should be well fed and rested to enjoy the festival.

Take the pledge with your children – “Prevent Pollution and Protect Nature”.

Have more tips to add to how to prevent children from pollution? Please share with us in the comments section.

Wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Safe Parenting!


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