How to Stay Comfortable in Quarantine While Staying Presentable!

It’s almost been a year since The Quarantimes began, and professional attire has seen quite a change in the quarantine period. In March 2020, working from home meant women got up, and got dressed in “normal” workwear.

Possibly a tad more relaxed as a nod to juggling home and office work simultaneously. But Zoom or Google meetings were almost like being in the board room — except without the shoes, (and maybe with loungewear). (Arches everywhere rejoiced!)

As April droned into May, professional fashion fell by the wayside and a “mullet” approach was born — business on the top, pajama party on the bottom with more mess in the head.

By August, most people had given up on the “miracle” of dry shampoo and a padded headband to camouflage days-old hair. (That blur filter is magic, right?)

And last month? Who cared if the throw blanket on the back of the couch was the last formal step of getting ready because almost a year into it people were still virtual potatoes and cats! 

Most people needed a quick guide for quarantine comfort yet staying presentable during WFH.

Here are three quick ways to transform your quarantine WFH blahs into comfy, professional looks:

Wash your face!
Skincare matters. Yes, you read it right. Not only are people potentially staring at your face for hours on end, but sitting in front of a computer by your kitchen window can also mean increased exposure to blue lights and UV rays. So, sunscreen is a must.

At a minimum, reintroduce a minimal daily routine of cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF. Or why not go all out with an extensive post-cleanse regime of toner, heavy waters, serums, moisture, and SPF? Look at you, glow-getter! Later you can thank quarantine days to give you this glow.

Chase the rainbow
It is possible to look put together but remain comfortable. Choose simple, solid colors because plaids and stripes can be dizzying on video calls. Avoid greens and blues if you’re using a green screen.

Bonus: monochromatic looks give the illusion of professional attire if you have to stand up to chase your toddler out of the room.

So wear that long-sleeved knit pajama set to work. Nobody will know — unless you trip on your bunny slippers.

Fake it ’til you make it
Structured, yet relaxed pieces like knit blazers and cardigans are life-savers when the boss calls last minute for a quick face-to-face. Throw it on top of your soft solids and you’ll look like a pro!

Just avoid the super cozy granny cardigans with thick yarns as they tend to look sloppy onscreen. If you’re feeling super fresh, accessorize with tasteful jewelry or a jaunty scarf and you’ll be sitting pretty. And you are good to go.

I know I’m ready for this all to be over, but if it isn’t over soon at least I’ll be ready for tomorrow’s call. Probably! You can be, too! Even if nobody else sees, you’ll see, and you’ll feel better for being ready to go and be seen.

Hope these quick tips for quarantine comfort might help you.

Happy and Comfortable Quarantine!


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