10 Effective Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Who doesn’t like monsoon? It brings a romantic vibe. However, it also comes with a few difficulties. One of the major challenges is hair care. In monsoon, damp hair, hair loss, frizzy ends, and greasy scalps are common issues. Hence monsoon brings more challenges from the perspective of hair care. Hence, we are providing the top ten effective monsoon hair care tips.

Top Monsoon Hair Care Tips

1. Oil regularly 

People regularly avoid oiling the hair in monsoon due to sticky scalp and humid conditions. But oiling the hair regularly is one of the best monsoon hair care tips. Oil provides the necessary nourishment for your hair. Onion or coconut oils can help you get rid of irritation and fungus and helps to grow hair healthily.


2. Avoid unwanted moisture

Raindance is exciting and gives a lot of pleasure. But the rains contain acids that can harm your hair. Hence avoid getting your hair soaked in rainwater. If it is unavoidable, you can take preventive measures. And after getting soaked in rainwater, completely wash your hair. This is one of the monsoon hair care tips that always help you.  

3. Develop a healthy diet 

A healthy diet is necessary for all parts of your body and mind. Hence, the hair also has a direct link with eating habits. Including omega-rich food, veggies, nuts seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, etc., will help healthy hair growth. Hence proper diet is one of the monsoon hair care tips.

4. Allow hair to breathe 

If you often tie your hair into a bun, it doesn’t provide a better form of air circulation. All it does is strain our hair and result in increased humidity. Monsoon makes it even worse. If you keep your hair tied, the hair may not dry and get damaged due to the wetness of the hair and scalp. Hence it is better to leave it open or tie it in a loose ponytail.

5. If you get wet in the rain, wash the rainwater entirely 

If you get wet in the rain, the increased acidity of the rainwater absorbed by your hair can lead to a pH imbalance on your scalp, which may exacerbate Kapha dosha.

This creates an overabundance of sebum from your sebaceous glands, and your scalp will become greasy and filthy, and it will be more likely for your scalp to become infested with microbes. If you wash your hair thoroughly after getting wet in the rain, it is best. 


6. Use turmeric and neem 

Using turmeric and neem paste to treat fungal infections during the monsoon season has many benefits, including antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects. Hence, try to use neem and turmeric at least once a fortnight to get more benefits. This is one of the effective monsoon hair care tips. 

7. Reduce wash using dry shampoo 

After the third day of hair washing, you can choose dry shampoo to extend for one to two more days. However, using it repeatedly, especially during monsoon, may cause a chemical & grime buildup on the scalp, clogging the hair follicles and causing root damage. This is one of the common monsoon hair care tips you can hear from all experts. 

8. Condition the hair regularly 

Some of us pay huge amounts to buy the best quality hair shampoos, but we often forget to condition them. Conditioning the hair after the bath is one of the essential monsoon hair care tips. Conditioning the hair after the bath is necessary if you want long, strong, and thick hair growth. This is one of the most essential monsoon hair care tips. 

9. Maintain short-length hair 

If you are looking for simple monsoon hair care tips, then keep hair length short. This will allow you to maintain the hair effortlessly. The shorter hair also reduces the possibility of hair loss since you do not need to apply more force to untangle the hair. 


10. Develop a proper hair cleaning routine 

Removing the unwanted debris, oils, and toxins from the hair is crucial for the nourishment and hydration of the hair. You have to wash your hair at least twice or thrice a week to achieve this goal. You can use antifungal or antibiotic shampoo to remove unwanted things from your hair.


The rainy days are always special. And if you are free from hair issues, it will become more enjoyable. The monsoon hair care tips provided here will help you achieve your goal if you follow them properly. 


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