Creating Magical Memories: Celebrating Christmas with Kids While Traveling

While plenty of families choose to stay home and surround themselves with familiar traditions and pastimes, taking a vacation and traveling during the holiday season is a great Christmas alternative for celebrating Christmas with kids. A festive adventure is a great way to shake up the holidays and sprinkle a little more fun and excitement over your celebrations, and can also be a lovely way to bond as a family. 

So if the idea of exploring New York City, cruising from Seattle to Alaska, or relaxing on a Caribbean beach over Christmas appeals, read on. There are plenty of creative ways to celebrate Christmas while traveling as a family and a load of ways to make a seasonal trip something you’ll remember for the rest of the year.

Embrace Local Traditions

The absolute best part of traveling over the Christmas holidays for celebrating Christmas with kids is the chance to experience a whole new set of holiday traditions and customs. Diving in and embracing the way that the local community celebrates the holiday is a delightful experience – a fun and exciting thing to do and a great way to learn a little bit more about cultures around the world.

Whether it is attending a traditional Christmas market in Germany, lighting paper lanterns in Thailand, or joining in a vibrant parade in Brazil, celebrating the local way is a surefire way to make your Christmas a special one. 


Create Travel-Themed Ornaments for Celebrating Christmas with Kids

Part of planning a successful Christmas getaway is getting your kids fully involved. There may, initially, be a little disappointment that they won’t be spending a ‘traditional’ Christmas at home, so it is important to get them engaged and embracing the excitement and adventure of a festive trip. A good way to start is to put your kids to work on a creative project, like making travel-themed Christmas ornaments.

This creates a bridge between your classic holiday celebrations and your new adventure and helps get your little ones a little more excited about what’s to come. They will also feel more connected to your chosen destination while carrying a little piece of home with them for comfort and custom!

Celebrate on Christmas Eve

While celebrating on Christmas Day is the norm across the US, many countries, particularly in Europe and Latin America, have their main Christmas celebrations on the evening of December 24th. This tradition is a great option for travelers.

Not only does it add an additional day of festivities, but it means you can have a full Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve, exchange gifts spend time together, and leave Christmas Day free for exploring and enjoying the holiday atmosphere of your chosen destination. 


Attend Special Holiday Events

A big reason to go abroad for celebrating Christmas with kids is to experience a different way of celebrating, and one of the best ways to do this is to attend special holiday events and activities. Whether it is light shows, festive parades, or cultural performances, getting involved in what is going on around you makes for a fun and action-packed Christmas. 

Taste Local Holiday Treats

Of course, no Christmas is complete without plenty of delicious food and drink, and getting a taste of the local flavors by sampling traditional holiday treats from your destination is a lovely way to enjoy the holiday even more.

Everywhere in the world has its own take on seasonal delicacies, so ask around and do a little research to find out what special dishes, sweets, or drinks are customary during the festive season. 

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Going on vacation and exploring new destinations during the holiday season can be a wonderful family experience. It is a lovely way to bond with the kids, discover new cultures and customs, and make some new traditions of your own. 


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