21 Fun Things to Do with Kids at Home

In the time of the pandemic, we all are stuck at home. So, we need some activities to keep them busy at home. Here I am going to suggest to you some ideas regarding things to do with kids at home. These can make your kids learning interesting and enjoyable exercise.

1. Play card games

Teach your kid some fun and interesting card games. While playing those games you can make them learn to count.

2. Puzzle

A puzzle is a good way to enhance creativity, problem-solving and cognitive skills in kids. You can buy a puzzle from the market or can make one for your kid.

3. Try virtual yoga 

Yoga is the best thing to do with kids at home as it makes your kid flexible and healthy.

4. Watch a wildlife live cam

The best things to do with kids at home is to make them watch wildlife live cams and make them aware of various types of animals.

5. Hopscotch

This is the best thing to do at home with kids as it’s always a great way to kill time that helps your kid learn coordination and balance.

6. Gardening

Gardening is the best way to make your kids aware of various kinds of plant species. Also, your little one will love to get messy in water and soil.

7. Make a pinwheel

This simple and easy craft and the best things to do at home with kids as it is an easy craft best enjoyed in the breeze, also can stand Infront of a fan. 

8. Board games

Board games are the best things to do at home with kids as it increases family time. 

9. Watch clouds

You just have to lay down with your kid under the sky and start imagining different shapes and make your kid imagine the same. You can do it on your balcony or terries. 

10. Tattoo artist

The best things to do at home with kids make them draw tattoos with washable and non-toxic makers. 

11. Cooking

Kids love making things like pancakes, biscuits. Because these are the things they love to eat. They also love to squish the dough with their fingers. When food is done, sit back and enjoy the food.

learning through play - 6 things to do with baby

12. Camping inside

Make a house tent inside the room with blankets or bedsheets and tell them stories while they are enjoying this new experience.

13. Virtual dance party

You can be your child’s choreographer and can arrange a dance party with their friends. It is one of the best things to do with kids at home and is a great workout session.

14. Learn a new language

A challenge to learn a new language is never a boring thing to do with kids at home. You can make it a kid’s friendly activity by using various learning subscriptions.

15. Origami or paper folding

You can teach your kid origami or the art of folding paper with the help of YouTube. 

16. Indoor treasure hunt

Design and play an indoor treasure hunt with your little ones are the best things to do at home with kids.

17. Read a book

Make your kids indulge in reading different storybooks to enhance their imagination and vocabulary skills.


18. Help with chores

This is the best thing to do with kids at home. It helps to teach a kid that running the house is a family effort.

19. Science experiment 

Kitchen and home science are connected, and you can find many things there to do science experiments. 

20. Make a lantern

One can help a kid in making a beautiful lantern using old plastic bottles, jars, tissue paper, and glue.

21. Boredom

Boredom is the best thing to do with kids as you can make a rule that if your kid said that they are bored they will have to do home chores. This will make them think of something handful. 

This was the list of things to do with kids at home. 

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Keep them busy and happy parenting!!


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