Gym Not for You? Alternative Ways to Workout from Home

Busy moms may not always find the time to get to the gym for a workout. Even those gyms that offer daycare are not an option for every family. Many stay-at-home moms and dads as well, find that they can stream workouts from home and exercise on their own time.

Getting expert workout help at home whenever you find the time, is a bonus that helps keep you healthy and sane.

However, exercise is important for new moms as well as moms who have had a few years of practice with parenting.


It is no secret that parents, especially moms, need a break now and then to recharge. Parenting takes a lot out of a person, even though it has to be one of the most rewarding “jobs” on the planet.

You don’t need to search ‘gym near me’ often because your own home is your gym. We will discuss the best home workout program. Here are several alternative ways to stay in shape and do a workout from home.

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Ways to do Workout from Home

1. Walking

 Walking is one of the best all-around exercises a person can do for their body. It engages nearly all of the muscle groups and is easily done by all levels of fitness, from beginners to high-profile athletes, walking is a great way to get and stay in shape.

One of the best things about walking is you can take your baby or children with you. There are a number of baby carriers in the market that allow you to strap a small baby to your back or front.

A stroller is another option when the baby becomes a little heavier. With more than one child, a double or triple stroller or a wagon is ideal for walking around the neighborhood.

Even when the weather turns colder, it is nice to bundle up the kids and take them on a walk. You can make a list of different types of exercise and do and they will get fresh air and a change of scenery.


2. Use the Stairs

If you live in a split-level home, you have a built-in Stairmaster. Walking or running up and down the stairs is the best exercise at home for women.

You probably go up and down these stairs several times a day already, but when the baby is asleep, making it a workout routine.

If you have a long set of basement steps, you can also use these as your workout from home routine. Like the exercise equipment in a gym, make sure you hold on to the railing for safety.

And in the beginning, go slow. You will build up your endurance and muscles as you climb the stairs more and more each day.

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3. Create Weight Training With What You Have on Hand

How to build muscle at home without equipment? There is no need to invest in weight training sets that can be heavy and cumbersome.

If you wish to do weight training, use what you have on hand. You can do a beginner workout at home without equipment.

Many individuals who can’t afford or don’t want to purchase expensive weight sets, can use everyday household items. One of the best items for weight lifting at home is a gallon jug of milk or water.

Another option, one with a handle, is liquid laundry soap. Isn’t workout from home so easy and comfortable?

4. Enlist Help

If you have toddlers, they can be helpful when you are working out. Have them hold down your feet when you are doing sit-ups or let them wrap their arms around your legs for weighted leg lifts. They will enjoy the “ride”, and you will be weightlifting, someone, you love.

Use your children and their toys to help you stay on track for exercising and getting healthy. Bouncing balls, wiggling ribbons, building blocks, and dancing can all be done with children of various ages.

Supercharged dance parties can burn a lot of calories and tire out even the most energetic babies. It is the best workout from home option.

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 5. Make Housework a Workout

Simple housework can become more intense when you use ankle weights, repeat lifts and reaches, and do lunges across the room. You may not look like you are cleaning the house, but you are multitasking your workout at the same time.

When you vacuum with purpose, walking back and forth, you are making your steps count as well as cleaning. The same can be said for mopping. Besides having a clean house, you will have a slimmer waistline!

6. Create an Obstacle Course

 Using things you have in the garage and house, create your own obstacle course for workout from home. You can also confiscate hula hoops and ropes for variations in your fitness course.

If your kids have a swing set, use it as a pull-up bar. Make sure the set is securely cemented into the ground before you put your weight on it. You can locate old tires along the road and help the environment by taking them to your yard and using them.


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7. Have Fun with Workout from Home

Make a game out of your workout from home routine. Pick a word or song of the day. And then at random times, play the song and do a set of exercises for weight loss at home. You can perform a set of jumping jacks, sit-ups, pushups, jogging in place and a few yoga pose as a cool-down.

While watching television, get up during the commercials and do something, march in place, lunges, or anything you like, but don’t stop until the show you are watching has returned.

This will help you to stay active and make it less likely you will snack during TV time. These are the best home workouts without equipment.

Another way to include the kids is to have an “air” band. Everyone can choose an instrument and start playing too loud music.

If the children are too young to understand the imaginary band, give them some pots and pans and wooden spoons to drum along with the rest of the gang.

8. Invest in Active Video Games

Kids love video games and the best ones for the entire family are the ones that include exercise, even if no one knows they are actually exercising!

Bowling, jumping over logs, swinging from trees, hitting baseballs, jumping to make a basket are all activities that can be done in front of the television and with a video game.

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Working out and staying fit doesn’t have to be boring. You can become and stay healthy with the help of your family and without having to go to an expensive gym.

Hope you like our tips for the best home workout program!


Wish you healthy and happy parenting!


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