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5 Types of Indian Moms: Can you tell which one is yours?

We all love our mothers no matter how they are. From raising us through the formative years to putting up with our existential angst, our moms have done a lot for us. Inarguably, we too are our moms’ reflection – Cheers to Indian Moms!

Mother is the soul of the house. A mother has a special place in heart of a child and why not, she deserves this special place and special care. A motherhood journey of a woman starts by taking birth from a mother’s womb and completes when she experiences motherhood by giving birth to a child from her womb.

Here are 5 types of Indian moms that everyone knows about.

Does your mom fit the description?

  1. The Masterchef Maa: From cooking spicy chicken curry to baking your favorite chocolate brownie, the Masterchef maa will always go an extra mile to prepare home-cooked meals for you. Daal Chawal? Aloo Paratha? Biryani? Worry not! She’ll feed you soulful delights because that’s how she expresses her love! The food she cooks is the love she puts in every meal served to you.

Indian Moms

2. The Cool Mom: Your friends’ moms don’t even come close. Your mom is definitely the coolest. You know why? Because she knows you inside out – what you’ve done in school, your relationships and even your shopping habits! More importantly, she is fine with it all. She is the one person who’s got your back – always and vice-versa. Most of the time, she feels more like your friend than your mom. You should embrace this friendship.

Indian Moms

3. The Overworked Mom: You call her a cosmic worrier? You may be on to something! Your mom has a tendency to forget about herself because she has a habit of taking on more than she can handle! She loves her responsibilities so much so that in the process she feels tired, lethargic, unhealthy and emotionally drained. It is said that when a person loves to clean the mess which she has not created – she becomes a mother! She is probably spoiling her health but you don’t want that right?

Indian Moms

Get her hooked on to Happy Ratio! A balanced meal with 30+ vital nutrients that’ll not only boost her energy but make her health an easy daily habit. No hunger pangs, emotional eating or wreckless dieting! Happy Ratio takes only a minute to prepare and can be carried anywhere. With all that energy, she’ll be able to keep doing what she loves best, i.e. be on top of her A-Game task list.  

4. “Ask Your Dad” Mom: Your mom loves you a lot and she is probably okay with you doing whatever you want but in your house, it’s your dad who has the last say. The “Ask Your Dad” mom is non-confrontational, gentle and shields you from your dad whenever you get caught red-handed. So, she is the best!

Indian Moms

5. The OCD Mom: She wants everything spic and span. Stuff should always be where it is supposed to be and you are not to leave things lying around! She might throw a major fit if you don’t follow her rules but that’s only because she is a perfectionist and all the organizational skills you have, are all because of her. Here OCD is not the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but the Over Caring Disorder!

Indian Moms

Have more types of Indian Moms on your list to add? Please share with us in the comments section below.


Wish you a very Happy Parenting Indian Moms!





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