5 FAMILY SECURITY TIPS: Make Sure Your Neighborhood Is Safe

Having a safe neighborhood is one of the biggest concerns of members of a community. Family Security Tips are usually something most people consider when getting a new home or moving into a new neighborhood because in an unsafe neighborhood there will be no freedom and people will not be able to enjoy living there.

A community with a high crime rate like burglary, kidnappings, mugging, and such tends to make living difficult, especially raising a family in that condition. This is why making sure the neighborhood is safe should be of paramount concern for everyone who lives in the neighborhood.

In this article, we will consider some family security tips on how to make sure your neighborhood is safe including how you can use people search platforms for safety.

Family Security Tips to make sure your neighborhood is safe:

1. Know your neighbors

The need to be familiar with your neighbors is one of the most important family security tips to have a safe neighborhood. Know those who are closest to you and make yourself known to them. This will help you and others to notice strangers or unscrupulous elements making their way into the community.

These people also develop a sense of their neighbors’ routines and notice a change that could mean someone is in danger before the person even calls for help.  Everyone should take part in activities, organize get-togethers, share information, attend communal events and build a level of familiarity that will help everyone be safe.

Part of this is also having some background information on who lives close to you and this can be done by using a completely free person search software like Cityzor to know about people and if there’s any concern living close to them.

You can discover information like email addresses, phone numbers, divorces and marriages, deaths and other civil records, relatives’ names, links to social networks, sexual offenders, criminal records, pictures, and videos. The information is out there, it is legal and you just have to spare a few minutes to learn it.

2. Organize or join a Neighborhood Watch program

Creating a Neighborhood Watch program in the area is another safety and family security tip every neighborhood should be concerned about. The program has always been associated with a reduction in crimes like vandalism, fraud, home burglary, assault, kidnapping, etc., for most communities as it helps to decrease the risk of becoming a victim.

It prepares the community to identify suspicious activity, be ready to respond in case of emergencies, information sharing with neighbors and the police while keeping everyone abreast of criminal activities in other communities, help you understand the possible warning signs of impending crime, and how to prevent them in the neighborhood.

3. Improve home and street lighting 

Night time is generally when criminals like to operate as the darkness helps to conceal their nefarious activities which makes it imperative that the houses and streets are well lit.

Every house should have porch lights, lights at the back and front of the house with street lamps in every part of the neighborhood including roads and alleys.

Homeowners should also have motion-detector lights around the house to alert against intruders and smart lights systems that can turn lights on and off remotely to give the impression of someone being at home.

It will thereby discourage intruders that want to take advantage of absence from home to carry out criminal activities. This can be automated even and can include radios, TVs, and other devices.


4. Guard dogs

Dogs are great pets but can also be trained to help keep the house safe. Their heightened senses can detect movement or hear sounds early which can alert people to take protective action fast.

With training, a dog will not go beyond the property but can alert you of suspicious activities at a neighbor’s place.

Dogs can be fearsome too and intruders will think twice before going into a place with dogs due to the loud barking and possible bite. So people who are okay with having dogs in their home can get one or two to contribute to safety in the area.

5. Get a security system

One of the best ways to keep the neighborhood safe is for every house to have a security system installed. Security systems include alarms that automatically inform the police of a break-in or unauthorized entry, motion detectors, cameras, etc.

These should include visible security systems that will discourage intruders and less visible ones that will help if intruders eventually gain access to the house.

Thanks to technology the security features can be monitored and controlled from a smartphone so even when you’re not in the house you can get a real-time view of the house from cameras and also get alerted of intrusion into the property. If every home is safe it translates to having a safe neighborhood.

Hope these family security tips would be helpful for you.

Happy Living!



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