What is the best Hypoallergenic Formula?

Food allergies are quite common among infants in the first year of life. Statistics show that at this age its prevalence reaches 6-10%. If a child has an allergy to cow milk protein hypoallergenic formula for newborns helps to solve the problem.

To avoid allergic reactions and prevent food intolerance, it is recommended to select food not only with hypoallergenic protein, but also with lipids, bifidobacteria, prebiotics, and nucleotides. A good hypoallergenic formula also should:

  • improve the digestion process
  • protect against intestinal infections
  • promote the mental and physical development
  • strengthen the immune system.

What is the difference between hypoallergenic and regular formulas?

Antiallergenic baby food has the main differences in the degree of hydrolysis (breakdown) of milk protein, the level of concentration in the composition of lactose, and the presence of palm oil.

The best hypoallergenic feeding is made using the technology of deep (complete) protein hydrolysis. For example, these could be Hipp HA Combiotik Formula.

Formulas that contain the fully degraded protein are intended for therapeutic nutrition (when allergies are already present). A partially hydrolyzed hypoallergenic formula is prescribed to healthy babies as a preventive measure.

It contains everything needed for proper nutrition for babies up to one year old. At the same time, the prophylactic formula has a more pleasant taste than the medicinal one.

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When is hypoallergenic infant formula used?

Hypoallergenic food is prescribed either to prevent the development of allergies or to treat children with allergies. The food choice depends on the severity of the child’s allergic reaction. Each subsequent step means higher protein hydrolysis.

Maximum hydrolysis is the breakdown of a protein molecule into amino acids. An amino acid is the smallest structural unit; chains of peptides are assembled from their sequence. There are 4 stages of protein breakdown:

  • 1st stage – treatment-and-prophylactic. There are no manifestations of allergy or they are minimal
  • 2d stage – therapeutic. Severe manifestations of allergies
  • 3d stage – therapeutic. Whey hydrolyzate allergy
  • 4th stage – therapeutic. Severe allergy, reaction even to hydrolysates of the previous stages

Can parents choose a hypoallergenic formula themselves?

It is acceptable if parents select a special food for a child at risk of allergic diseases. Still, it is advisable that the feeding is prescribed by a pediatrician: he must guide the child, and monitor the reaction so that the nutrition is as adequate and physiological as possible.

According to recent research, oligosaccharides reduce the risk of allergies and enhance the effect of hypoallergenic food. Various fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, complexes with lutein bring the formula as close as possible to breast milk in composition. You can also pay attention to the presence of palm oil.

How to properly start hypoallergenic formula feeding?

To facilitate the baby’s transition from the regular to a hypoallergenic formula, a small amount is used after the usual feeding in the second feeding e.g. 30 ml. The dosage is gradually increased.

You will not notice the results of the transition immediately but after about 2-3 weeks. You can try Hipp infant formula which can be given to an infant from the first days of life. Since it contains split protein, the likelihood of an allergic rash is almost impossible.

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