25 Tips on How to Overcome Exam Fear

Exam Fear – a fear that haunts us since our school life. Earlier, it was our own exam days when we used to feel the weight of the whole world on our shoulders. Now, the exam time of our children reminds us of the same fear.

Students are continuously pushed to study that drains out their energy. In spite of working hard regularly, completing the syllabus on time with revision and mock tests, the result is not satisfactory.

The reason behind the low score might be the major mistakes that we all do unknowingly just before the exam. The monkey mind chatters non-stop – do this, do that, try new methods and new notes. We live in the haze of mindlessness of this constant chatter.

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This mindless chatter stops us to think wisely and push us towards multi-tasking. We think it might help us to score good marks, but it is not effective as it leaves us in stress.

The need of an hour is – slow down your mind and free your brain from endless thoughts. This is so simple yet so true.

Try Pomodoro Technique to increase productivity and Finger Technique to improve your reading speed and skyrocket your marks.

According to Tom Rath’s Book Eat, Move, Sleep – the three gems of health are:

  1. Eat Right
  2. Sleep well
  3. Move a lot

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These are the three key points which can also help you to get the result of your hard work during exam time:

  1. Do not Eat Just Before an Exam

We all do this mistake just before the exam. It is advised not to eat food (heavy meal) 3 hours before going to write the exam.

We need to understand our digestion system for this. When we eat and chew food, saliva is added and it goes down into the stomach. Here the food is mixed with acids and stays there for 3 to 4 hours. Then it is sent to the small intestine, the final place for digestion. Digestive juices are released into the small intestine that finishes the breaking down of food and the body extracts the nutrients from the food. And finally, the waste goes out of the body.

The whole process requires energy. When you eat food, the blood supply increases to the stomach area as our body has an intelligent way to supply energy for digestion.

Due to this, blood supply to the brain decreases. This is the reason we feel sleepy or lazy after eating a heavy meal. Consequently, IQ of the brain power decreases for a few hours after eating food.

If you feel hungry before the exam, you can eat something light that can be easily digested. Fruits are easily digested, it stays in the stomach for 20 to 30 minutes and then goes to the small intestine from where nutrients are extracted.

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Avoid eating street food that can cause any disease. Eat fresh and nutritious food before and during the exam days.

  1. Sleep Well

Good rest and sleep keep us relaxed, healthy and energetic. When you sleep well, you rest your senses as well as your mind and body.

During sleep, your mind and body are rebuilt and energized. Your body repairs itself and grows new cells. The brain also slows down for a while and sorts through all your daily thoughts.

Lack of sleep puts extra strain on your body, which can be unhealthy for you and your exam. You will not be able to give your best.

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I learned this from my own mistake, it was in class 10th pre-board exam. Mathematics was my last exam and I thought, I should study more for this exam. I can sleep later for many days after the exam. So I hardly slept for 4 hours, I lost all my energy. I scored fewer marks, it was the lesson for me as my whole year’s hard work was wasted.

Then I decided not to study ‘too much’ just before the exam and sleep well during exam nights.

  1. Move a lot

Take special care of your health during exams. If you want to be fully rewarded for your knowledge and efforts, do not do anything that can cause harm to your body and mind.

Do regular exercise to keep you healthy and fit. Walk at least for 30 minutes daily and do breathing exercise during study breaks.

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Sitting for a long time can make your muscles stiff and make you uncomfortable.

‘Sitting is the New Smoking’ – Tom Rath

Stretch yourself during breaks while studying for long hours.

Try these A – Z Tips on How to study more effectively?

25 Tips To Overcome Exam Fear and What To Do Before the Exam?

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  1. Eat light at least 1 hour before the exam.
  2. Dress comfortably according to the weather.
  3. Stop revising at least 45 minutes before the exam.
  4. Carry your own water bottle to the exam room.
  5. Make sure you have the admit card and a clipboard.
  6. Always carry extra pens and required stationery for a particular exam.
  7. Reach the exam room ahead of time.
  8. Take your seat and relax for 5 minutes.
  9. When you get the question paper, read it thoroughly.
  10. Do not hurry to write the answers.
  11. Fill the required information on the answer sheet (name, class, roll number, etc.)
  12. Divide your time for each answer and keep a margin of 15 minutes in the end to revise.
  13. Answer easy questions first for which you are 100% sure.
  14. Read the question slowly and thoroughly, plan your answer before writing.
  15. After each long answer, take a deep breath.
  16. Drink a sip of water to supply oxygen to your brain before writing the next answer.
  17. If you do not know a particular answer, attempt that question later and read the question again and again before answering.
  18. Try to attempt 100% question paper even if you do not know all the answers unless negative marking is in the scheme.
  19. In the end, make sure you have attempted all the questions by marking on the question paper simultaneously while revising.
  20. Never leave the exam room before time.
  21. Presentation matters a lot which leaves a good impression on the examiner.
  22. Neat handwriting can improve your grade.
  23. Use dark ink to write the exam and a different color pen to write the headings and sub-headings.
  24. Underline the keywords neatly to catch the attention of the examiner.
  25. Draw the diagrams and tables neatly, not beautifully to save time.


Have more tips to add that helped you and your child to overcome exam fear? Please share with us in the comments section.

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