Importance of Teachers | Parents are our first teachers

Teachers are the guiding light of our life. As the whole world celebrates Teacher’s Day on September 5 by wishing their teachers, I revisit my childhood and wish my parents. Parents are those who shape our value system in our formative years. Parents are our first teachers. Do you agree? Know the importance of teachers – how they can make a child’s life better with just small guidance.

Teaching is the noblest of all professions. It starts right from the childhood days when parents start inculcating values in their child. Parents help children to discover their full potential by engaging with their mind. Parents harness the powers and steer the child’s brain so that they learn in a better way.

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Indeed, our parents are the best teachers who help us to explore the path and show us our strengths that eventually lead to wisdom and truth. Importance of teachers – they can see the bright spark in children long before children see in themselves.

Importance of teachers and parents

  • They instill the virtues of intellect and independent thinking.
  • Teachers and parents prepare us for the challenges of life.
  • They teach us to confront the problems and walk through the solutions.
  • They help us to live life unapologetically and to the fullest.
  • Parents and teachers teach the most valuable work ethics that are needed to learn for the lifetime.
  • Teachers are not biased towards any student, they are fair enough and impartial. Children need to understand this and cooperate with them.
  • They make us self-confident by making us capable enough to manage ourselves. They teach us to balance work and life.
  • Teachers and parents introduce us to the books that work as a springboard for the mind.
  • The best teacher does not only provides data but ensures that you question and explore what helps you to shine.
  • They never prohibit children to ask questions. The great teachers are not those who have all the answers but those who stimulate your mind to seek answers.
  • They encourage us to work hard and never give up.
  • We learn kindness, gratitude, discipline, and leadership lessons from them.

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Parents need to be role models for their children. I always say that children follow our examples instead of our advice. Our actions should speak volumes which our children can follow. They need to know the importance of teachers.

How to teach kids the importance of teachers?

On this teacher’s day let’s teach our kids the importance of teachers by doing the following things.

  • Respect and honor everybody around us including our mother nature who teaches us every now and then. Mother Nature must be respected.
  • Impart as much knowledge as you can. Knowledge increases by sharing.
  • Organize a class for the domestic help’s kids and encourage our children to teach.
  • Follow this maybe once or twice a month on weekends and help others in learning.

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Importance of teachers-wonderparenting

Have more tips to add to the importance of teachers and parents? Please share with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy Parenting and Teaching!


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