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Jigsaw Puzzles | How can it improve your child’s reasoning skills?

Children learn through play and to develop fully they need all their senses in use – smell, touch, hearing, taste, and sight. To provide necessary stimulation, the toys and games should be selected wisely such as jigsaw puzzles.

While obviously, it is important to play with your child as much as possible, but they also need to learn to play on their own. The sense of imagination and exploration should be given full rein to develop.

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As children grow, their developing skills and mental abilities will be reflected in the games that capture their imagination. Puzzles and games that challenge your child, such as a simple jigsaw, are important for their development.

Jigsaw puzzles are a good way of helping your children to build reasoning skills as well as dexterity. It is a tiling puzzle. Oddly shaped interlocking pieces with a small part of a picture on it are required to assemble to complete a picture.

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There is a wide variety of jigsaw puzzles available in the market such as wooden or cardboard. Once you’ll teach children how to solve jigsaw puzzles, they’ll happily sit and do it over and over again.

10 Benefits of solving Jigsaw Puzzles:

  1. Educational learning tool
  2. It improves hand-eye coordination
  3. Develops fine motor skills
  4. Improves problem-solving skills
  5. Enhances visual perception
  6. Develops critical thinking
  7. Stimulates creativity
  8. Helps the brain to remain healthy by increasing dopamine production in the brain
  9. Boosts confidence
  10. Improves overall performance

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You can also make your own puzzles out of your child’s favorite picture by pasting it on to a heavy card and cut it into different shapes. Sounds tedious! Here is the free online solution for you and your child to solve as many puzzles as you want in just a click away on JSPuzzles. Visit the website and explore the exciting puzzles.

Themes of Jigsaw Puzzles available:

  • Places
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Scenery
  • Art
  • Transport
  • Buildings
  • Cartoon characters

How to play online Jigsaw Puzzles:

  • Click on the website
  • Select a theme of your choice
  • Choose the image
  • Click on the pieces (9 pieces to 225 pieces)
  • Hit – Play this puzzle
  • Slide the tiles to form an image

Variations of JS Puzzles:

  • You can change the tiles cut also
  • Background color can also be changed
  • Or opt for larger puzzle pieces behind smaller pieces
  • You can also share this puzzle on social media with your friends and invite them to play
  • Adjust the sound
  • Can be played on both Android and iOS
  • You can make your own Jigsaw Puzzles! Yes, you heard it right!

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After finishing, it shows you the time to make changes accordingly.

  • Your time
  • Average time
  • Best time

You can see yourself on the scoreboard. We are getting addictive to jigsaw puzzles.


Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy Parenting and Playing!



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