How do you prepare your older child for a new sibling?

Parenting is actually a comprehensive term. It is about being a parent, and how you bring up or raise your child. There is no right or wrong way to bring up a child. It’s actually how you want your child to be. Preparing them for a new sibling is another milestone.

How do you prepare your older child for a new sibling-wonderparenting

Here I will share my views on how I would have raised my child when I will plan my second issue. When anybody who is going to have their second baby what to-do-list they should keep in mind while dealing with their first one to prepare him for a new sibling.

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The impact of having a second child is often overwhelming for parents. But would it be the same for an older one? If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider how your firstborn may be feeling!

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Well, that’s a tough task but one can manage it quite well by following certain rules or not exactly rules you can prepare your first child for the birth of his/her new sibling?

Tips for preparing your older child for a new sibling:

• First, you need to counsel your older child or ask him/her if he wants a sibling or not. Respect their decision and give them some time if they say no. When I asked my son about the same, his answer was unexpected as he said yes. ‘Mommy, I want! All my friends have a sibling. So, I also want one.’

• Do not ever say to your child that I am going to have a baby. Tell him ‘He/she is your baby, I have one and now, the second one is yours because you need him/her’. Make him realize that a new sibling is coming for him/her and he will be going to look after the baby with mom and dad.

• Ask him and show him how you eat food on your own. In this way, the older one will also learn and will be a role model for the younger one as well.

• Read to your older child about brothers, sisters, and siblings’ bond.

• Give your child a doll so that he or she can learn the skills of a caretaker through role-play activities.

• Look at your older child’s infancy pictures together and tell the story of his/her birth.


Changes in routine after the new sibling arrives

• Children at this age are quite attached to their parents and might feel jealous about sharing their love and attention. Explain that the baby needs more attention and care. As he is younger than you and not as mature as you are, you also need to help us in making him smart and intelligent like his/her older sibling.
• Sometimes older children are stressed and they take out their frustration on the new sibling. It’s time for a talk about appropriate behavior.
• Give your older child extra attention. Praise him more in front of the younger ones.
• Allow kids to express their feelings and expressions. And if the expressions are negative then try to avoid judging their expressions by saying things like ‘Come on, get over it or you love your new sister or brother, isn’t she/he cute???’
• Keep your first child’s bedtime routine sacrosanct. And if you think you are going to change the routine, do it before the baby arrives. And in case your child has a really long bedtime routine and it would be difficult for you to keep that up, then try to shorten it before the baby arrives. It will help your child to get used to the change ahead of time.
• Welcome the child’s participation. Involve your first child in the daily chores like please get his diapers, and his clothes, help me by giving him a bath, take care of him while you are doing something, etc. The first child becomes “mommy’s little helper”. Make your first child feel connected to his new sibling.
• Be emotionally available in times of distress. When they are too much demanding, have patience even if they are driving you nuts. This is what exactly parenting is!

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Use Positive Parenting Tools

Be flexible in your parenting decisions during the early weeks. Keep your expectations realistic. Use your positive parenting skills such as listening, patience, setting limits, avoiding yelling, and offering second chances. The arrival of a new sibling brings many changes to a family – but positivity and patience might help you all sail through this phase nicely and safely.


Have more tips to add for preparing your older child for a new sibling? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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