Nurturing Children in a Nuclear Family vs Joint Family

What is a family? A family is a designed institute which is suitable for children as well as for adults. So, a family is a family whether it’s a joint or nuclear family. The child does not understand the difference between the two. For them, everything is good and beautiful until or unless you are harboring a positive environment. Of course, the environment differs in both cases if the family members do not have a positive state of mind.


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My experience of the nuclear family and joint family

I myself have stayed in a joint family for some good years and it had such beautiful bond memories like of my grandmother lightening up the incense sticks to its fragrance all over the place, her rituals of giving prasad, tikas, her delicacies, etc. and we never used to seek our mother’s attention.


But joint family can be emotionally, physically, and financially daunting. Sometimes mothers didn’t have much say in the upbringing of a child because in joint family kids are so busy with their cousins, uncles, and aunts. They have a great social circle rather than the whole neighborhood in a house.

But after marriage, it was a nuclear family for me and for my husband. Our lives got filled with joy and laughter after the arrival of my first baby “RIAAN”. Now he has turned three.

sweet nuclear family

So, when he was growing up some people used to say that a single child may get adamant. Kids don’t eat well, talk much, etc. People’s thoughts never affected me as a mother because I was clear what I want for my child and I made sure that he also experiences the same cultural values and social life which I enjoyed when I was in the joint family.

How did I assure to impart the same values in a nuclear family?

I and my child together create such a beautiful environment in our house that we don’t feel lonely at all. We play together, eat together, do everything together and of course his father too. I plan activities at home for my kid (reading, coloring, clay modeling, solving puzzles, storytelling sessions, creative writing, etc.). He also goes to play area clubhouses with his society friends. Sometimes he goes to his friends’ and relatives’ place and sometimes we call them at our place.

child discipline

In this way, we create an understanding and bonding between our relations and keep our values and respect intact. The positive environment helped me and my child to stay happier. But of course, when he was the young baby I used to get furious by thinking of nuclear family parenting. It could have affected my child’s upbringing but now I am very clear that’s all in the mind.

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Avoid criticism

Parenting can never go wrong and we are wonder-moms. We can never do anything which can cause any harm to our child’s upbringing. Today my child is not adamant. He learns to respect and listen “NO”. COMPROMISES AND SHARES  his belongings with others. And also respect my time and his time.

nuclear family

People will criticize you not just for parenting but for everything but it’s totally up to you how you take them. How you create a conducive environment for you and your child is an art. Survival can be difficult but not impossible.

My take on parenting

As a mother, I believe that a mother can raise her child under any circumstances. It can foster a good life for her child. We are their ideals and we have to have a positive sense of parenting in any case whether we live in a nuclear family or joint family.  Parenting can never go wrong. My best is good enough, never evaluate your parenting performances. You are probably being the best parents you can be. Live out your own story and don’t attempt to star in someone else’s drama.

Nurturing children in a nuclear family vs joint family-wonderparenting


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What’s your take on nurturing a child in a nuclear family and joint family? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

Author: Richa AG | Mommy Blogger | SAHM

Richa AG

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