Parenting Hacks: How to Avoid Exam Stress?

The role of parents is very important in how the children think about their own lives. Parents are the ones who set a tone of life in front of their children, which they take inspiration from, be it exam stress or any other stress in life.

It is important that the parents put life in bright light in front of their children for them to carry that light forward and spread positivity around them.


The seed of positivity sown in the children will help them believe that life is way more than a bag full of exam stress, for example.

This article, in particular, deals with the exam stress that the children face and the measures which the parents can adopt in order to help their children do away with the stress which is haunting them.

Teenage Exam Stress

Teenage is an age group which feels that all the burdens of life are upon them and that life is taking a toll from them by putting them in situations which they think are out of their control.

Under such circumstances, when your teenage child is already feeling a heavy load on his or her shoulders, exam stress plays the role of a demon by worsening the situation all the more.

There can be times when you notice something weird in your teenager’s behavioral patterns. That strange behavior is a sign of exam stress that your child is going through.

  • A sudden loss of interest in the things which your teenage child loves to do is an indication that he or she is going through exam stress.
  • Are you experiencing any changes in your child’s sleeping patterns or eating habits as the exam time is nearing? This is yet another way of making out that the child is facing and fighting against a devil named ‘exam stress’.
  • If you find that the child is growing irritable and grumpy during these days when he has a lot on his plate to deal with, don’t worry as this is just the exam stress which will go away once the exams are over.

Conversation is the key

You must be thinking of ways in which you can aid your teenager’s exam stress. Right? Conversation is the key that helps in resolving any kind of stress or problem that a person is facing in their life.

No matter how big or small a problem is, there is nothing in this world that a healthy conversation does not have a solution for. Same is the case of exam stress facts that your teenage child might be going through.

A calm and composed way of responding to your child is what is the most important thing to pull the stress out of him/ her. Talk to them in such a way that they forget that a thing called exam stress exists in the real world.

Help them make a study plan so that they can work accordingly and don’t feel bad about the little stress which is natural and completely normal to build up in the exam preparation period. 

You should know what causes exam stress.

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Causes of Exam Stress

Listed below are some of the causes of exam stress:

  1. Performance pressure

The worry that they might fail in the exam in case of lack of preparation can be one of the causes of exam stress. A desire to perform exceedingly well in an exam can also lead to exam stress.

  1. A lack of confidence and a lack of proper understanding

A feeling of being underprepared for the exams can also be a cause of stress. Sometimes, children find it difficult to grasp what they are studying. This is another reason for exam stress to pop up.

  1. An increased competition

In today’s world, life has turned out to be a competition which everyone wants to win. As far as student life is concerned, competition has a very relevant role to play there as well. More than anything else, it increases the exam stress in the students because they begin to feel under pressure of scoring well in order to win the virtual competition that is going on all around.

Exam Stress Symptoms

Here are a few signs and symptoms that the parents can look for in the child as the indicators of exam stress.

  • Watch out!

If you find that the child is experiencing confusion then, it could be exam stress that is taking a toll upon him or her.

  • Losing contact with the peer group

Is your child one of those who likes to hang out with friends but, is nowadays estranged and isolated while trying to be away from friends? If yes, then it could be exam stress which is overpowering him or her at the moment.

  • Mood swings

Children tend to show signs of exams stress through sudden mood swings and a tendency of being irritated and frustrated about everything, even the smallest and most unimportant of matters.

  • A sense of being over excited

Is your child overwhelmed and not at peace with his or her own self? This excitement is also an indicator that your child is experiencing exam stress.

  • Low decision-making capacity

Is your child suddenly facing difficulty while making decisions which were earlier not even a matter of concern? Beware! This is how exam stress attacks.

  • Nervousness

Biting nails, tapping, teeth grinding, a sense of being lost, fidgeting are some of the visible signs which show that the child is going through stress. An upset stomach, headache and muscle tension, sudden illnesses are indicators of exam stress in your child which you need to watch out for.

  • Sleep issues

Sometimes, exam stress overpowers the children in such a way that they find it difficult to sleep properly, due to a trail of thoughts which is constantly running down their mind. Also, they may find it difficult to get out of their beds in the morning due to the lack of a sound and restful sleep in the night.

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Effects of Exam Stress

Exam stress is a bug that can eat up the confidence of the examinees while affecting their preparation efficiency and quality. This will, in turn, have an impact on the performance levels of the examinees.

Alongside, affecting the performance of the students, stress also has the capacity of impacting their physical and mental wellbeing in a negative way.

How to deal with Exam Stress?

Jotted down are a number of ways on how to deal with exam stress:

  • Take regular breaks between the study slots to cope with the build-up of exam stress. Do the small things which you like during the break time. This will help you concentrate better when you get back into action.
  • Exercise or go out for a walk to increase the flow of oxygen in your body. This will help you retain the knowledge which you are in the process of gathering, by improving the functioning of your brain.
  • Speak to people but, do not listen to everything that they say. This will help you from straying away from your path.

How do you beat Exam Stress?

Some of your weapons against exam stress to safeguard your child can be:

  • Make sure that the child is getting proper nutrition which will act as a fuel for the brain and a sword against exam stress.
  • Physical activities are a must for the proper supply of oxygen to the brain and to the rest of the body in order to avoid any muscle stiffness and body aches.
  • Meditation is a great way to relax during the exam preparation time as it will help your child to stay calm and at peace while improving the concentration levels.
  • Avoid giving caffeine beverages to the children as this can lead to lack of sleep which in turn, can lead to a feeling of being tired in your children.

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7 Exam Stress Tips

  1. Befriend your children with hot beverages at the time of exams as they are proven to soothe the soul and calm the brain down.
  2. A hot shower or a hot water leg dip can act as relaxing agents and beat all the stress away.
  3. Make it a point to feed your children with nutritious yet, light food so that the digestion process does not take up much of their energy.
  4. Keep the environment as happy and as light as possible to enable your children to concentrate better.
  5. Make sure that your children’s study room is well organized and free from clutter. A messy study room will add to the stress all the more.
  6. Make sure that your children drink enough water because water increases the flow of oxygen in our body. This will aid your child’s knowledge retaining capacity.
  7. Include nuts like almonds and walnuts to your children’s diet as they are full of memory boosting elements.

Remember, the exams of your children are not only evaluation for them but, also an evaluation of how good parents are you and how do you deal with exam stress.

Have more parenting hacks on how to avoid stress? Please share your valuable parenting hacks with us in the comments section below.

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Wish you a very Happy and Healthy Parenting!



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