3 Ways To Help Your Child When They Are Learning To Count

Are you having a hard time teaching your child to count? Counting is an important skill for a child to learn as early as they can to help them to understand the relation between numbers. Teaching your child learning to count numbers will help prepare them in math once they start school.

However, some children find difficulty in learning to count. You need to pay attention to them to see where they have difficulty in learning. Other children respond better to learning when they have a fun time learning.

This is why we made a list of ways for you to make learning counting fun for your children. Read on to know how you can help your child learn.

Tips for Learning to Count:

1. Playing Numerical Games

When do kids learn to count? As early as they can see something!

During early childhood, your child starts to learn basic math through recognition, beats, and patterns. This proves that even though they can’t count numbers, they can learn to count cards as long as they recognize there’s a sequence involved. At this age, it’s great to count numbers together with your child for fun.

Sometimes, letting your kid play and have some fun helps in natural learning. You can start to develop your child’s understanding of math by letting them play “learn to count games”. Activities such as drawing some objects, ladybug game, and even touchpoints math are games that help grow their puzzling skills.

2. Learning to Count by Reading

Children at an early age don’t have a general idea of how to count individual numbers. What we often see is them reciting numbers until they get to the end. You need to teach them to understand the sequence to be effective in counting.

Books focused on counting portray numbers and objects to count. These kinds of books will not only help your child in counting but with reading as well. This can spark the child’s curiosity for math, which allows them to teach and learn by themselves.


3. Watching Educational Programs

Most children want to lay around on the couch and watch TV all day. This makes them lazy and often makes them think like characters in those programs. However, did you know that there are programs that can help your kids develop and enhance their numerical and literacy skills?

Besides being entertaining, you can make your child watch child-friendly educational programs for them to learn. These programs can implement several techniques that enhance your child’s learning. It helps promote memorization, recognition, and sometimes social interaction.

Help Your Child in Learning to Count With These Tips Today!!

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Encourage your children to count and solve number problems. Once your child can count relying on their knowledge, they’ll be able to count any given number. Anymore less will only make it difficult in learning to count numbers.

Do you need more help with teaching your child how to learn? Check out our posts to learn more. Use this opportunity to bond with your child, too!

Happy Learning!


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