Top 10 Important Road Safety Rules to Teach Your Children

There are a lot of dangerous situations that your child might be exposed to, especially, when they are alone. To ensure your child’s safety you should make some guidelines for road safety for kids and make them familiar with it.

It is easy to monitor kids when they are at home. However, it is really difficult to control them once they become old enough to go around by themselves either via bicycle or via school bus. Road safety for kids should be an important part of your child’s education.

There are some rules on road safety for kids, to keeps them safe on the road. Let us discuss some of the most important road safety rules for kids.

Road Safety For Kids:

1. Holding hands while crossing the road

It is important to teach young children under the age of 6 to maintain the habit of holding the hand of an adult before crossing the road because it is sometimes difficult for drivers to notice small kids.

2. Significance of each traffic signal

As soon as your child learns to recognize the colors and their names, teach them about various traffic signs and their significance. 

  • Red light means “STOP” 
  • Yellow means “ STOP, WATCH, and be SAFE”, it is a sign of warning that red light is about to appear.
  • Green signifies “GO”

Also, make them aware that when the green “walking man” symbol is ON, this indicates that it’s safe to cross, but when it starts blinking, your child needs to wait on the footpath. The red “standing man” indicates that the cars are moving on the road, and your child must not cross the road. 

This plays an important role in road safety for kids.

3. Always walk on the footpath

Usually, children learn from what they see; if you show them to use the footpath and ask not to walk on the street, they will be able to understand it well and can adapt this as a habit. 

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4. Stop and look before crossing

When it comes to road safety for kids it is important to make them learn the importance of stopping and looking before they cross the road due to oncoming traffic.

Always remember to teach the golden rule- “look to the left and right of the road before crossing” even if it is a one-way road.

5. Try to cross at the zebra crossings

This is one of the simplest tips when it comes to road safety for kids. Make them learn to cross the road at the zebra crossing and it is the right way and must be followed. 

Make them understand that zebra crossings are specifically defined areas where pedestrians can cross the road.

6. Say no to running on roads

When it comes to road safety for kids, make them understand the difference between a safe playground and other open areas. Running in open spaces that have vehicular access is dangerous. Children should be strictly warned against running on the roads or when they are crossing it. 

7. Use bright or reflective clothes

Usually, children should not be allowed to go out after dark. But, if they are going out in dark, you should make them wear bright or reflective clothes. This will help drivers to notice them in the dark and avoid unnecessary crashes.

8. Wear a helmet

It is your responsibility to make sure that your child wears a helmet while cycling. This is a very important aspect of road safety for kids, even though they are cycling within the designated boundary. 

9. Be safe when getting off the vehicle

Your child’s attention may tend to wander when they get off a vehicle. For example, if they see you standing on the footpath and can rush down to get to you. Tell them to make sure that the vehicle has completely stopped before stepping out.

10. Safety in Moving Vehicles

Road safety for kids is also applicable when they are in a moving vehicle. It is important to teach them the road safety rules when they are in the moving vehicles. Whether they travel by car or school bus, ask them not to put their hands or head outside through the window.

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However, apart from all these, the thumb rule is that young children should never be allowed to walk the road without adult supervision. It is important to understand the importance of road safety for kids. Set up a good example for your kids when you take them out.

Better safe than sorry!


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