Impact of Television on Children

Technology these days has made our lives easier than ever with everything accessible easily. With just a few clicks on our phone, we get to know about almost anything in the world in a couple of minutes. But before such a technologically advanced time, the major source of information was the television. The impact of television on children has always been a point of debate.

As you all know, Television being available in everyone’s home and was the major innovation in the field of technology. With different channels, you easily get to know about everything that was happening in the world. From adults to little children all watched content that was favorable to them, due to which people could observe the impact of television on children

Parents surely wanted to know the impact of television on children as they are the greatest minds of the generation. It helps a perspective about everything and can even change your attitude towards life. It is very important that parents took care and ensured what exactly their children watch on TV. 

Impact of Television on Children’s life:

It is important for all the parents to have a note about what their children are watching on the TV.  Impact of Television on children can either be beneficial or harmful depending upon the content presented to them.

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Positive Impact of Television on Children:

1. Entertainment: 

Entertaining adventure shows are very immersive for the children which helps them to learn a surplus of skills. From tackling problems in life, navigating through tough situations, interactive quizzes, and learning patterns can be easily learned with the help of an entertainment channel. Watching engaging programs like series and cartoons will surely have a positive impact of television on children.

2. Educational Content:

The perfect kind of television programs surely imbue awareness in children and provide them with social and emotional development. One of the most positive impacts of television on children is the educational shows as it inspires kids to engage in a productive environment. Educational content not only makes your child more productive but watching educational content on a regular basis, improves their memory as well. 

3. Sports:

Watching cricket, football, and many other sports shows inspire children to have an interest in outdoor activities. So it is good if your child wants to watch cricket and football matches on TV. With the help of such channels, it is easy for you to encourage your child to be a sports athlete like their favorite sportsperson. This shows the positive impact of television on children is beneficial. It also helps understand children to stay active and healthy.

4. Technology & Creativity:

As with the advancement in the field of technology, it is very important that your children should learn about the latest trends and information about various things. The informative programs have surely had a constructive impact of television on children. Watching cooking and art shows, music, and theatre, children have wished to become the better version of them. That’s why it is very important to introduce your children to technology. 

5. General Self-improvement:

Watching TV has been a great outlet to relieve stress that children go through in school or outside the environment. With improvement in cognitive thinking, emotional and mental well-being, the impact of television on children is positive when watched responsibly. 

Learning vocabulary, the new language can be possible through watching language programs and movies. It keeps children engaged in the program as learning something surely is a benefit of the Television.

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Negative Impact of Television on Children:

Overdoing something can surely have its negative effects, so everything in moderation is very much important. If your child is spending too much time on TV it’s a matter of concern.  

  • There are negative effects of television on children as well such as it can keep them occupied in front of the television all day.
  • Ineffectuality, addiction to TV and problems like lack of focus, obesity, and behavioral issues can be a negative effect of TV on children.
  • It can also have a negative effect on their academic performance and social and emotional development also.

Those are some effects of television on child development so it is very important you should know about all these before leaving your kid in front of the television. 

Role of Parents

By ensuring the programs watched by the children, and the number of hours spend is limited in front of the TV, parents can protect their children from the bad impact of television.

Watching TV in moderation can surely be beneficial for the growth and development of the children. Now it’s up to you how you handle your child when you know very well about the effects of watching TV on the children. 

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