10 Reasons Why You Should Name Your Kid’s Toys

Toys are one of the most common sources of enjoyment for kids. They can learn about shapes and coordination from toys. Toys also help them increase their creativity level. With the toys, children can make stories, learn about role play, and know the basics of surviving. As the kids grow up, they can also learn the alphabet, numbers, math, science topics, etc., by playing with their toys.

With all the advantages toys provide, they surely deserve to have their own names. But did you know that naming your kids’ toys can also help them in many ways? According to recent research from Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, the naming of toys and other objects in this way promotes children’s linguistic and cognitive growth. But that’s not all. Stay tuned to learn all the other benefits of naming toys.


Reasons for Naming Your Kid’s Toys

There are many reasons why one should name their kid’s toys. Such as:

1. To Enhance Their Role-Playing Ability

Toys’ names can increase the ability of storytelling and role-playing. Kids can make characters with unique names with different personalities. It can easily enrich their storytelling skills.

2. To Encourage Their Creativity

If you keep the name of your kid’s toy, that can increase their creative thinking and imagination. Kids can easily find more cute ideas for teddy bear names and so on. It can help them to increase their inventiveness.

3. To Help Them to be Organized

When your kids have many toys, they can organize them according to their names. By doing this, kids can easily remember which toy is kept where and find them.

4. To Develop Their Language Skills

By naming the toys, you can help your kids easily learn a new language and develop the skill. Kids can learn new words and pronunciations. It also helps to improve their vocabulary.

5. To Improve Their Memory Skills

By naming your kid’s toys, you can easily improve their memory skills. Kids will remember their toys better with unique names. It will also help them to recognize the toys individually.

6. To Help in Building Bonding

Toys’ names also help to bond with each other. Kids can also share their toys’ names to make up stories about them.

7. To Give a Sense of Comfort

A toy with a name can help to provide a sense of comfort to the kids. They form emotional bonds with their toys. Sometimes kids feel sad when their toys fall.


8. To Create an Emotional Connection

If the kids name their toys, they grow up with a sense of ownership and make an emotional connection with the toys. It makes your kid feel connected with the toys, and they play with them more than before.

9. To Teach Responsibility

When your kids know the toy’s name, then it will help them to learn about responsibility. Kids will be able to know that the toys belong to them and that they have to take care of the toys because it is their responsibility.

10. To Make Them More Confident

By keeping the names of toys, kids will feel more confident in their decision-making abilities. They will feel proud of their unique names, and it will make them feel more confident in expressing themselves.

Variations of Toys for Kids

Common baby toys Teddy Bear, Aeroplane, Rocking horse, Ball, Kite, Car, Doll, Bicycle, and Duck.
Food Toys Tea Set, Pez Dispenser, Easy-Bake Oven, and Snowcone Machine.
Dolls Ball Jointed Doll, African Doll, Anatomically Correct Doll, Baby Alive, Amish Doll, Art Doll, American Girl, and Apple Doll.
Action figures Gumby, Army Men, Evel Knievel Action Figure, B-Daman, G.I.Joe, Funko, and Digital Pet.
Executive toys Magic 8 Ball, Drinking Bird, Pin Art, Fidget Spinner, and Newton’s Cradle.
Creative toys Magnetic Poetry, Colorforms, Lego, Crayola Crayons, Lite Brite, Creepy Crawlers, and Magna Doodle.
Animals Puppy in My Pocket, Breyer Animal Creations, Littlest Pet Shop, Filly, National Geographic Animal Jam, Ithaca Kitty, and My Little Pony.
Educational toys See’n Say, Ant Farm, Lego Mindstorms NXT, Qfix Robot Kits, and Lego Mindstorm.
Construction toys Tinkertoy, Mega Bloks, Rokenbok, Playmobil, STIKFAS, Rasti, Stickle, and Bricks.
Electronic toys USB Toy, Digital Pet, Robot Dog, Robot Kit, and Entertainment Robot.
Cars and Radio controlled toys Matchbox, Corgi, Hot Wheels, Dinky, Majorette, and Cozy Coupe.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying Toys?

Before choosing toys for your kid, it’s necessary to consider some things that confirm the toys are safe and engaging for the kid. Some factors that you need to consider are given below:

1. The toy must be safe for kids.

One should ensure that the toy is safe for the kids before giving it to them. If the toy is not shatterproof, is painted toxic, is full of sharp points, or is hard to clean, then it is very dangerous for the kids. Unsafe toys are harmful to kids.

2. The toy must have durability.

Before choosing toys for kids, one must check the durability of the toy. That means it must have the power to be stepped on, smashed, or bit.

3. The toy must be challenging.

Toys must be challenging for the kids. It helps to teach the kids how it plays, and what features it has. It will easily increase creativity in the kids.

4. The toy must be versatile.

The toy must have the power to enrich kids’ knowledge. It can also help to increase their cognitive skills.

5. The toy must be fun.

The toys must be age-appropriate for the kids. Doing so, can match the thinking of the child and easily help them to learn new things.

By considering these factors, one can easily select the age-appropriate, safe, and useful toy for the child.


Finally, there are many reasons to keep your kid’s toy name. Naming the toys helps kids to increase their imagination and creativity, grow a sense of ownership, teach responsibility, and enrich their communication skills. Giving toys names can also help the kids to keep track of their toys.

Also, parents can create a bond with their children over a shared experience and create new memories by naming toys. That is why, if you are considering purchasing a new toy for your child, keep its name in mind so you can see the benefits.


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