10 Reasons Why People Have Kids

When we were all young and in our teenage high spirits, having kids was the last on the out list, and for some people, not at all. We even thought about why people have kids for themselves. It may be due to personal preferences or physical conditions, our family situations, and so on.  

But as we grow out of that phase now, most of us wish to have a child to care for and love. Whether adopted or of our own, our thoughts change from why people have kids to the desire to have one.


Why do people have kids?

Now the reasons for this question as to why people have kids or want to in the first place can be anything. And ten are listed below.

1] Pleasure in parenthood

Parenthood is dreaded before it comes and a blessing when it comes. Who wouldn’t want to be the best parent for their child and hear their child say it? Some might consider this their life’s mission—this is one of the reasons why people have kids. 

2] The next stage of life

Moving to the next stage of responsibility is also the reason why people have kids. They consider this their milestone. Kids are the next responsibility they would love to take upon after their romantic commitment or a settled lifestyle. They would also love to spend their life with their child. 

This is called the next stage in their life because of the high importance of that to them. Even their families would be happy. And this is the life of a normal and happy couple or an individual.

3] Legacy line

People also have kids to continue their family or work legacy. And this is another common reason why people have kids in high-end places. They would want their kid to continue their tradition, practices, and principles, run their company, or other similar reasons.

Hence, having a kid becomes an essential priority for them. They spend their time teaching their kid their tradition and loving them with everything they have with them, and giving the child anything they have with them.  

4] Companions to care

People like to share their love. And they like to share it with their kids. This is another answer to why people have kids. They want to contribute their love and affection to raising someone as their own.

They will be with their kid as a friend rather than a strict parent. Their open-mindedness and way of parenting would be one of a kind.


5] Bold in old

Another answer or reason why people have kids is to have someone look after them in their old age. They have kids and raise them with life’s morals. And they are settled and settled as in family wise. 

Some old parents would prefer to stay on their own. But they would still be bold and proud of their kids for being ready to care for them. Because after retirement, one can do many things, yes. But not having anyone to come home to is not a likable scenario.

6] Baby love

Why do people have kids? Because they love babies and kids. That is why. Some people love having babies or adopting one to spend their life and soul. Some might have loved kids early on or developed a love for them after witnessing a birth, or whatever the reason be, having a kid makes them whole.

They buy all the good things and are great parents. They record every moment with their kid. We cherish them when they are young and reminisce about them when they are all grown up.

They find peace in taking care of kids. Places like foster homes and other nurseries also prove this point. 

7] Second chance 

Everybody wants a second chance—a new page to start over. Everything would be decided thoughtfully, and having a kid to care for becomes the reason

For them, their kid is their only priority. And they would give their everything to them, ensuring they were safe and happy. And we find our happiness in watching them be content, learn the good ways of life, and be happy for them. This gives them a valid reason to live, laugh, and love.

8] The family power

A couple of two becomes a family of three or more when kids come along. As the saying goes, “more the merrier.” A family is merrier when a kid is running around. Staring a fresh family is another reason to question why people have kids. 


9] Symbol of love

A couple in a committed romantic relationship results in a beautiful replication of them. They love to have their love take form as their kids. This is also why people have kids with their loving partners.

10] The natural cycle

This is the most genuine biological reason in answering why people have kids. People in love tend to have kids. Whether they plan to or not, this ancient reproduction continues worldwide. 

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There are many reasons why people have kids. From personal reasons to societal or family pressure, anything. It can be a kind gesture we received from a kid, and we want to have someone like that for ourselves. Or to share the love at a young age and receive it back in our old. 

Literally, anything can answer why people have kids because the answer depends on the individual. But people do love to have their kids or adopt them. It is Because they are a great form of exercise when they are young and reliable support when they are adults.  

With all the reasons that answer why people have kids, the core concept remains the same. They need their kids to share love, to give someone a beautiful life they deserve, and to be there for them in their lifetime. 

What is your reason?



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