Five STEM Education Trends For 2021

The year 2020 forced everyone to change their ways of living life and especially education trends. From basic habits to living with minimalism, everything was affected. But human beings are the most adaptive to change. They took care and started finding ways to return to life with the ‘new normal’. 

Every task was started carefully with options. The best thing to change in 2020-21 was the method of education. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) are the important aspects of education. You can even say that these four are our future pillars.

Students pursuing any of the STEM courses have to deal with how will our future look like. And pandemic made it a tough job. Now STEM education will not be only about inventions but also about sustaining a healthy present.

And if I were you, I would have asked someone to do my math homework for me, while I would have concentrated more on the practical learnings from the STEM courses.

However, as of now, let us check the 5 STEM education trends in 2021.

#1. Practical Teaching

Online classrooms have already taken the place of physical classrooms. The students spend time learning in front of the screen rather than the boards. So teachers have given this modern approach a good twist to let the student learn and be interactive. 

Instead of just talking about the subject, the teachers try to inculcate students in the class with practical approaches. They encourage the students to research the topic beforehand. This lets the student involve encouragingly. 

And, when the students explore new things, they are eager to learn more about them after they have initiated the research.

#2. Change in Computational Learning

Initially, students had to learn the codes and then write programs accordingly. But thanks to the emerging trend you just have to have an idea, and then simply code the idea.

This has helped bring an evolution in the computational world. You can now build an app for anything and everything, and you just have to know the basics and have the right skills. 

#3. Learning from the experts

The concept of eLearning has made it possible to learn from the experts of the dedicated fields. No matter how varied the geographical locations are, you can gain knowledge from the experts. 

For example, if you are learning automobile engineering you can have a guest lecture from the CEO of Ford vehicles. Moreover, gaining vast knowledge from the right people while staying in one place is a big achievement in the field of education. So, the students pursuing STEM education will surely have an edge at online learning.

#4. Instant Assessment and Evaluation

The professors are assessing students on their daily progress and interaction rather than just by the exams. This helps the students to progress on a daily basis and not get pressured to perform well just during the exams.

The education trends have made the evaluation process easy. Teachers provide instant results to let the child know his progress in detail while the concept is fresh in their mind.

#5. Learning beyond school

Thankfully students now learn beyond the school and course curriculum. They get to expand all the corners of the course study. They can also explore new areas according to their interest. The teachings are now no more limited to the course books or the fixed curriculum.

To conclude,

As education trends are changing, the good part is that they have become more interactive and practical-centric. Teachers are coming up with more ideas to let the students learn in real ways than just planting theories in their brains. 

Moreover, a future engineer may be looking to invent something through his skills, rather than just doing calculus in the books. Thankfully our educators have understood this and thus taken a modern approach to teach.

Happy Learning!


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