What Makes a Good School?

Are you looking for a good school that suits your kid? Perhaps you are about to send your child to school for the first time and you want to ensure it’s the right fit for them, or maybe you are looking for a school to transfer them to because the one they are currently at does not suit their needs.

Either way, there are many schools out there for you to choose from, but in order for you to make the right decision, you need to understand what makes a good school and how it could benefit you and your child.

Choosing the right school can be tricky, but it is not an impossible task. Here are few things for you to consider when deciding whether the school in question is right for you, your family, and your child.

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How are the Teachers?

Do the teachers love their job? Do they seem passionate individuals who wish to nurture the children they are teaching so that they can develop as best as they can?

If so, this is a great start. After all, for many children, they will look up to their teachers, as teachers are more than simply teaching their pupils their times tables or how to spell. They are also role models. 

Does the School Have Values That Suit Your Own?

Does your family practice certain values that are very important? Perhaps you are a catholic family and would, therefore, like to send your daughter to an all-girls catholic school.

If this is the case, then you may wish to look at the facilities and curriculum of a faith school. These schools provide a good education while also focusing on catholic values and tradition. Check out the full curriculum and gain an insight into the campus life of a Catholic school by heading to visitation.net.

How does the Student Act?

Do the students act as if they wish to be there? While you will need to take the words of young children with a pinch of salt (remember, we all had days when we didn’t wish to be at school), if the majority of the children seem unhappy, then this could be a warning sign.

Look for a school that emits a warm and welcoming atmosphere; you want your child to feel welcome and at peace when learning so that they can perform to the best of their ability. A nurturing environment where fellow students wish to excel can help your child thrive!

Choosing a school is never easy, and when you, as parents, have to make the decision as to which school to send your child to, it can become quite a difficult task. However, remember to look at reviews, speak to teachers, and see how the students act.

Many schools will offer tours so that you can see the campus and speak to teachers and see them in action: this can be valuable when deciding if it is the right place for you and your child. 

Happy Parenting!


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