Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair and Skin-wonderparenting

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair and Skin

Argan oil for hair and skin – an age-old beauty secret! Argan oil is a natural booster for skin and hair. It is derived from the kernels of a fruit of the Argan tree. Although it is native to Morocco but used across the globe for its immense benefits.

How to use Argan Oil for hair and skin in your daily routine_wonderparenting

It is most commonly used as a skin moisturizer to soften and hydrate the skin. It has a high content of antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. Argan oil increases hair elasticity and restores shine to the lifeless and dull hair. Therefore, the benefits of argan oil for hair and skin are endless. It prevents heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Why should you use Argan Oil for Hair and Skin?

  1. Anti-Inflammatory property

The phenolic compound in argan oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants capacities. So it can be directly applied to the skin to reduce inflammation which is caused by infections or injuries.

  1. Reduces signs of aging

Dietary intake of argan oil might slow the process of aging by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. It increases skin elasticity and therefore effective for postmenopausal women skin care.

  1. Reduces hair damage

Argan oil is a hair-friendly super ingredient. You can use Argan oil for hair and skin to improve the moisture content. It gives healthy and hydrated skin and also reduces hair damage. Argan oil is beneficial for hair follicles. So, you can also use Argan oil for hair loss treatment.

  1. Prevents stretch marks

Argan oil is also used as a home remedy to reduce stretch marks. It is because of its anti-inflammatory property which helps to improve the skin elasticity.

  1. Used to treat acne

Argan oil also helps in reducing redness and irritation on the skin caused by the acne. Hence it contributes to the skin hydration and healthy scalp that is vital for acne prevention.

  1. Protects from sun damage

Women also use argan oil to protect their skin from sun damage. It prevents burns and hyperpigmentation. Argan oil supplements could also be taken to treat various skin diseases on the prescription of a doctor.

How to use Argan Oil for hair and skin in your daily routine?

It is now easier to add Argan Oil for your daily beauty and healthy routine. It is easily available online and in stores.

  • Argan Oil for Skin

How to use Argan Oil for hair and skin in your daily routine-wonderparenting

Argan oil is majorly used in its purest form topically but it is also included in cosmetic products such as skin creams, body lotions, lip balms, etc. It can easily be applied directly to your skin.

  • Argan Oil for Hair

It can be directly applied to damp or dry hair. It is also included in a few shampoos, conditioners, and masks to improve hair moisture and reduce the frizz and hair damage.

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You can check out 100% Natural Intensive Hair mask (Argan Oil Anti-Hairfall Root Repair Formula) from Euphorbia Box.

This hair mask has a smooth consistency and 100% natural which is easy to apply and rinse off. It helps in reducing the hair fall and makes your hair more manageable.

  • Argan Oil for Cooking

argan oil for cooking-wonderparenting

Buy 100% pure argan oil for cooking, if you want to use it for culinary purpose. Make sure no other ingredients are mixed in it for its adulteration. Look for a trusted brand as you will going to ingest it. It can be slightly heated but not highly heated. It is better to use for dipping bread or drizzling on vegetable salads.

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Have more to add to the benefits of argan oil for hair and skin? So please share your experience of using argan oil for hair and skin with us in the comments section below.

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