Menstrual Cups Pros and Cons | How to Use Menstrual Cup?

Are you a working woman, a housemaker, a student, or one who is on the go for the entire day? Menstrual cups are suitable for ladies who have any of the lifestyles as mentioned above. This article is about what are and how to use menstrual cups.

Read further to know how to use menstrual cups to deal with the period ninja before the blink of an eye.


What is a Menstrual Cup – An Introduction

A menstrual cup is a flexible, bell-shaped female hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation to prevent the leakage of period blood onto the clothes.

A menstrual cup has a stem-like thing attached to it to insert and to pull it out from the vagina. It collects the period blood which needs to be thrown out at regular intervals to avoid any vaginal infections.

However, it has a higher initial cost; the menstrual cup is more practical and nature-friendly than most of the pads and tampons available these days. A good quality menstrual cup can last for four years or more, depending upon our maintenance strategies and much more.

Alongside, addressing the question of how to use menstrual cups, it is indeed, necessary to know the various pros and cons of using menstrual cups.

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Benefits of Menstrual Cups

The various advantages of using menstrual cups involve the following-

  1. A menstrual cup is safer as compared to pads and tampons as it collects rather than absorbing blood. This acts as a shield against numerous bacterial infections, rashes, and chafing.
  2. Though, available for a higher price, a menstrual cup saves us from the repeated expenditure involved in the purchase of pads and tampons for years as it is reusable. Hence, it is a pocket-friendly option.
  3. A menstrual cup locks the odor as it forms an airtight seal and it can hold more blood than any other option available in the name of personal hygiene products.

Dangers of Using Menstrual Cups

You might want to know menstrual cup side effects. Few menstrual cup dangers are as follows-

  1. Even if you find the insertion of a menstrual cup easy, it’s removal can be quiet a task for you and it might create a messy and embarrassing situation.
  2. You may find it tough to find the right menstrual cup size. You may have to bear with some leakages while you dodge the correct menstrual cup fit for yourselves.
  3. A 2011 study suggests that the menstrual cup users experience more irritation than any of the tampon and pad using females. So, annoyance is yet another menstrual cup danger in store for you.


How to Use Menstrual Cups?

After gathering the know-how and the various pros and cons of using menstrual cups, it is time to conclude this article as we talk about how to use menstrual cups.

  1. Firstly, wash your hands properly before beginning the process of inserting the menstrual cup into your vagina or before pulling it out of the vagina in order to ensure proper hygiene.
  2. Now, wash your menstrual cup with clean water and rinse it properly to remove the extra water droplets.
  3. You can stand, sit, or even squat to properly insert the menstrual cup into your vagina. Make sure that you are in the most comfortable position.
  4. Fold the cup, making it flat and then in half, making a C shape.
  5. Roll the menstrual cup and guide the rim into your vagina.
  6. To ensure that it is entirely open, slide your finger inside and feel as you ensure around the menstrual cup bottom.
  7. To remove the menstrual cup, grasp and squeeze it from its base.
  8. Empty the cup, rinse, and reuse.

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Please share your experience of using menstrual cups with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy and Healthy Period!


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