Mosquito Protection | Here are the simple ways to get rid of mosquitoes

Monsoon fun has begun and so the mosquito danger. Children are too set to step out to play after scorching hot days. Don’t forget to give your kiddo mosquito protection. Be a smart mom and prepare your kids for the same.

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Mosquitoes are attracted towards the body odor, sweat, and carbon dioxide which we release. With every breath, we release carbon dioxide so nothing much can be done for this. But we can minimize skin exposure and body odor. Mosquito bites not only brings itching and irritation but also many dangerous diseases including dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc. Let’s discuss a few ways of mosquito protection at home.

Indoor Mosquito Protection

  • Keep windows and doors closed during evenings when most of the mosquitoes try to get inside your home. Avoid going out during peak hours.
  • Make sure you remove any standing water as it attracts mosquitoes and promotes breeding. It is the most important thing to keep your neighborhood clean and free from stagnant water.
  • Keep the garbage bins covered to maintain hygiene.
  • You can also keep lavender sachets in the room.
  • Burn a citronella candle. The oil from this candle keeps the bugs at bay.
  • Fans also help in moving away from the mosquitoes by making it difficult for them to navigate through the air. Mosquitoes are weak flyers.
  • Install bug tight fine mesh screens in doorways and windows. It will block the entrance points for mosquitoes.

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Repel mosquitoes without putting anything on your skin by the above methods. But if you still need to go outdoors, follow mosquito protection tips.

Outdoor Mosquito Protection

  • Make it hard for mosquitoes to find a place to bite your skin. When kids go out to play of course they will sweat. Make them wear full sleeves and full pants to cover up their skin as much as possible. Try to dress them up in lightweight clothes to make them play comfortably.
  • According to researches, mosquitoes swarm around dark colors. So, you can try to wear light-colored clothes. It might work for you!
  • Mosquitoes are also attracted to scented products. Try not to use scented products such as hairspray, perfume, fragrant soaps, etc.
  • Nobody likes mosquitoes to swarm around them. You can use age-appropriate and a very light non-toxic mosquito repellant spray or a fabric roll-on clothes. Make sure do not apply it or spray on to the skin.

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Have more tips to add that worked for you and your child in mosquito protection? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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