6 Signs Your Period Cramps Are Not Normal

If you’ve never experienced period cramps before, allow us to tell you that the universe loves you.

The pains and discomfort that come with period cramps are something we cannot explain as it usually differs with various women. However, those who experience it will agree that it is one of the worst feelings on earth, and they are better off not going through such an experience.

Some women wonder why they cannot get a text telling them that they are not pregnant.


Sarah has been experiencing these cramps for years, and she has finally decided to go to the hospital to run a scan and checkup.She realized that her cramps were not normal, so she wanted to take the bold step to check it out.

Below are some of the signs Sarah experienced, showing that her period cramps aren’t normal.

1. Passing out during period cramps

Imagine passing out because you are experiencing period cramps. Sarah never looks forward to her period because she is bound to experience pains, which always leaves her unconscious. Therefore, making her feel weak and useless during her period.

Due to period cramps, she is always in and out of consciousness, and everyone agrees that it can be annoying. 

No matter how hard she tries, she cannot fight the feeling. It has been happening for years, and she has not figured out ways to stop falling unconscious during cramps. Also, she hates that it affects those around her as it makes them scared as no one knows when she would fall unconscious.

Thus, it was a determining factor in deciding to go for a checkup as she does not want to continue living a life where she keeps falling unconscious during period cramps.

If you always pass out during your period cramps, it shows that the these cramps are not normal.

2. Painkillers do not work on Cramps

Some people say they are usually relieved after taking painkillers when having period cramps. But unfortunately, there are some who do not enjoy such luxury. Such persons usually experience severe cramps with no alternative then to bear it. 

For some, the painkillers even go ahead to increase the pain. But, on the other hand, others say it never feels like they take anything when they take painkillers during period cramps. If painkillers cannot aid the pain, what is supposed to work? It usually leaves many people bewildered. 

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Therefore, if you are amongst those who experience period cramps and painkillers do not work, it means that these cramps aren’t normal. After all, the work of painkillers is to aid pain and give relief. So, it means that something is wrong if it is not doing its job.

Unfortunately, we see some people overdosing on painkillers because they want the pain to stop. However, we advise that you seek medical attention instead of overdosing.

3. Extended menstrual period

Experts say that a typical menstrual period is supposed to last for 2-3 days. But, that is not to say that some people cannot have menstrual periods for more than three days.

Fortunately, we see that some people follow this menstrual rule as their menstrual period does not go beyond three days. We even see that some people are lucky for their period to last for only one day.

However, the problem sets in when people have longer menstrual days and experience period cramps on all these days.

Yes, we also have those who have extended menstrual periods that last up to 7 days. Yes, 7 days!!! Now, imagine if they experience period cramps all these days. Of course, such a thought is unimaginable. But, unfortunately, some people experience this monthly horror.

Such a situation is not normal and needs urgent medical attention. It should be a red flag when you have a 7 days menstrual period and experience cramps on all these days.

4. Period cramps interrupt your daily life

Also, experts say that the menstrual period is not supposed to interfere with regular life. Now, they are not saying that period cramps will not happen. However, they believe that it should not bring excruciating pain. Instead, it should only cause a little discomfort, but not to the extent of interrupting daily life.

So, if you usually experience anything different from what we have above, it means that your cramps are not normal.


Some people cannot step out of their house during their period cramps. Furthermore, it affects their jobs and even education. 

Therefore, it is a call for medical attention when you cannot continue with daily life activities during your period cramps. Some people say that it is best to be active when experiencing cramps, and they suggest that people walk around. However, those who have severe pains during their menstrual period say that they can’t move around, so that solution cannot work.

5. Period doesn’t feel normal

There have been complaints from people who say that they go from experiencing no pain during their menstrual period to getting the worst period cramps. They usually cannot explain how it happened, leaving them with unanswered questions.

For example, a person with a 4 day menstrual period with no cramps now experiences a 7 day menstrual period with the worst cramps.

Such a situation can classify as a case of the period not feeling normal, and it would be best to get medical consultation. Seeing a doctor might help you figure out what happened for such a drastic change to happen. And, it is never best to turn a blind eye to such an issue as it might be deeper than you think.

Period cramps are some of the worst pains to wish on anyone. So, if it starts to happen to you out of the blue, you should get checked for early detection.

6. Period cramps bring pelvic pain

You are not supposed to have pelvic pain during your menstrual period. But, many women experience this pain, and they have taken it to be a normal thing.

Again, allow us to repeat that experiencing pelvic pain during menstrual period is not normal.


We do not want to imagine what it feels like to experience both period cramps and pelvic pain. So, if you usually have pelvic pain during your menstrual period, it shows that your cramps are not normal, and you need medical attention.

Such pains could happen before the menstrual period starts, or it could be during your period. Whatever the case might be, it is not normal. 

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These cramps are not to be joked with, so you need to be aware of your body’s symptoms. If you usually experience any of the signs above, it means your period cramps are not normal, and you need medical attention.



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