3 best indoor play area for kids

3 Best Indoor Play Area for Kids

Well, during summer and monsoon season, you must have already decided to cut back on outdoor play for your kids. But don’t let the sun, rain or pollution shut you and your kids inside. Here we come with the list of 3 best indoor play area for kids in Delhi-NCR. This way you can escape to some of the best places to enjoy.

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Let’s combine education and entertainment to engage your kids during summer heat and monsoon drops.

3 Best Indoor Play Area for Kids

1. Teeny Town – Delhi

Teeny Town is an indoor play area for kids full of entertainment. It has highly innovative activities with safe fitments and modern facilities. Kids can learn through play by getting involved in fantastic role-play activities.

best indoor play area for kids
The activities here are designed to leave a positive impact on kids for their physical and mental growth. Few activities which my daughter enjoyed the most are becoming a master chef in the restaurant, doctor in the clinic, beauty expert in salon and farmer in the farm.

teeny town delhi

The different activities which you can enjoy here are ball blasting, ball pool, and climbing. There are a reading and art corner for kids where they can read and draw on the walls, conduct a puppet show and have some fun with musical instruments. It also has a toddler play area with a soft gym.

best indoor play area for kids
Pretend play is always helpful for social, emotional, language and cognitive development. Teeny Town is a huge indoor play area for kids at Club Road, Punjabi Bagh(W), Delhi where kids can play, imagine, learn and grow.

2. Kidzania – Noida

Kidzania is an interactive place and a whole city where children of age group 1-14 can explore. It combines learning, fun, imagination through realistic role-play activities. It is set up in 24 cities in 19 countries.

Here kids can try more than 100 exciting careers. So, it is one of the largest growing family entertainment concepts. Kids can learn about ultrarealistic role-play, managing money, different careers, professions, etc.

kidzania noida
It is one of the best indoor play area for kids which is a replica of the typical city fabricated in kid-size. Kidzania operates with its own currency, named ‘kidZo’. Children learn to open an account, earn, spend, save, and invest through various activities here. It is playful and experiential learning which makes kids more confident and smart.
It is also one of my favorite indoor play area where I can spend quality time with my daughter.


3. Sky Jumper Trampoline Park – Gurgaon

Trampoline Park is a family entertainment center which offers an open jump arena, a big foam pit, slam dunk hoops, horizontal and vertical trampoline volleyball courts and lots of fun.

best indoor play area for kids
This place is the most popular indoor play area for team building session, birthday parties, and school outings. Kids can learn gymnastics here on world-class trampolines. It provides a great combination of fitness and fun with quality and safety as the first priority.
School trips are organized here filled with fun, growth and development skills. It can easily accommodate 100 children in one go. It offers gymnastic coaching, teen- girls – parents night out and corporate parties also.

So, all you need to do now is head to the nearest play area and have a fun-filled day with your kids!

Have more indoor play area for kids to add to the list? Please share with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy and Playful Parenting!


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