11 Diwali Rangoli Designs for Kids [Updated 2023]

Rangoli is a beautiful art that started in India and comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Rangavalli.’ It’s about making colorful patterns on the ground using various materials. During Diwali, people create Diwali Rangoli to celebrate their culture and pass down this tradition to the next generation. They use white stone powder mixed with colors to make designs on the ground by spreading these colored powders.


Rangoli has various names in various states. It is known by the name of Muggu in Andhra Pradesh, Chowk Pujan in Uttar Pradesh, Aripana in Bihar, Alpana in West Bengal, Chowkpurana in Chhattisgarh, Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Mandana in Rajasthan, Saathiya in Gujarat, Kalam in Kerela, Rangoli in Karnataka, etc.

Designs vary with the region. In Rajasthan, different prints are also made on walls known as Mandana according to the necessity of different festivals. Rangoli of the same type is known as Kaloti in Gujarat.

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In these designs, the desire for well-being is expressed by drawing geometrical patterns, deity impressions, figures, birds, flowers, leaves, creepers, and shrubs. This is the unique art of the day-to-day folklife of a particular region or place. It is generally drawn at the entrance of a house. Rangoli brings good luck and prosperity. It is made for spirituality and auspiciousness.

It is specially made on the occasions of weddings, different festivals, ceremonies, etc. on a clean and clear background either floor or wall.

Regional traditions influence the material, design, and shape of Rangoli. Rangoli is created using different materials such as rice, sand, dry flour, chalk, marble powder, semolina, pulses, grains, leaves, wood shavings, flowers, petals, paint, Diyas, etc. People make dry or wet rangoli as per material availability.

Few Diwali Rangoli Designs for Kids I would like to share for your reference:

1. Geometrical Rangoli Design

Kids can easily make this Diwali Rangoli design as they just need to make different-sized triangles with the help of scale and fill bright colors. They can mark dots at different places and then easily connect all the dots with the colors. Place tealight candles in the center and around the Rangoli to enhance.

2. Flower Rangoli Design

Kids can easily make rangoli designs with flower petals. This design for rangoli is always the best option for younger kids as it is less messy. It is also quickly designed. Kids can make any shape they feel like and use the contrasting color petals to make a beautiful design. Add green grass as a filler to make it more colorful.


3. Acrylic Rangoli Design

Acrylic pieces are easily available in the market. Just bring those pieces and place them on a clean floor. Add on some flower petals and Diyas around it and you are done in no time. It looks so gracious and beautiful. These are the best and easiest Diwali rangoli designs that could be done if you are short of time and in the mood to spend some money on permanent articles for your home decoration. You can also customize the designs according to your choice for different festivals.


4. Flower Water Rangoli

Working people who do not get much time to make rangoli designs may go for this instant rangoli. Just take a deep plate or a bowl and fill it with water. Arrange some multi-colored flowers to make a pattern that could easily float. Put some floating tea light candles and it is ready!


5. Paper Diwali Rangoli

Cut a small piece of the circle. Add some mixed shades of quilling strips to make a design with any flower cut-out in the center. Stick it with the glue. This is the best and easiest design for rangoli in a school competition for kids.

6. Candles or Diya Rangoli

You can make a Satiya or Om just with the use of glass Diyas. It looks so enlightening and lovely when you light up altogether.

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7. Paint Rangoli Design

You can draw some patterns with white paint and fill them with sand colors. Use good and contrasting sand colors. White paint color will give it an emerging effect. Keep a Kalash in the center. Those who find it difficult to draw these designs may use stencils.


8. Pulses and Rice Rangoli

Use different colored pulses and rice to make different patterns. You can also color rice with turmeric or red powder to give a nice effect to your rangoli. Kids love to make these easy rangoli Diwali designs.


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9. Mandala Rangoli Design

Older kids can draw a mandala tree with white paint and brush. Later on, use a bunch of earbuds to draw leaves quickly. Add some colored stones and do not forget to add some Diyas.


10. Bangles Diwali Rangoli

An easy rangoli design for kids could be to place bangles in bigger and smaller circles. Make one circle inside and then another outer circle. Pour some sand colors in it and if you want to lift up the bangles let them be there. It looks so clean rangoli design for Diwali.

11. Fruits Rangoli

There is no limit to creativity. Arrange fruits or vegetables with leaves, cones, bangles, flowers, or anything you think would go with the design and pattern. 


Hope you liked these Diwali Rangoli Designs. Have more to add to the list of rangoli Diwali designs? Please show your creativity in the comments section below.

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Happy Rangoli!


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