List of Top 10 Kids’ Magazines 

Making an effort to provide a healthy setting for a child’s development is challenging. Rather than spending time in front of the TV or on their phones, youngsters back then would spend time listening to their grandmother’s tales or playing outside, or reading kids’ magazines.

Is the atmosphere in your kid also being raised a source of worry for you in this day and age of cutting-edge technology? This major problem must be addressed, and all parents can surely find the amazing solution you have been looking for in this article.


First, parents should establish a small library with a selection of the greatest kids’ magazines in their child’s bedroom and direct their child’s attention there. For kids, reading magazines is a great way to expand their minds, improve their communication skills, and introduce them to new ideas and concepts.

As a result, we recommend picking up a copy of one of the numerous kids’ magazines, which are jam-packed with entertaining and educational features, including short tales, games, and puzzles. Here are 10 popular and well-regarded kids’ magazines currently available.

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List of Best 10 Kids’ Magazines:

  • Champak

Since its inception in 1969, one of the publications children in India read the most is Champak. This kids’ magazine contains various articles such as science and craft projects, humor, brain puzzles, and short tales. This publication is well known for its tales told from the perspectives of various animals, which are intended to impart valuable life lessons to young readers.

This kids’ magazine is included with a Jogo disk (CD), which is available for no additional cost and has a variety of games, activities, and interactive graphics. In addition, it hosts several competitions where you may win incredible rewards. Best suited for the grouping of ages older than 4 years old.

  • Magic Pot

The children’s weekly publication ‘Magic Pot’ is among the finest kids’ magazines. It emphasizes enhancing children’s reading and writing abilities, as well as their vocabularies and creative capacities. It includes coloring, connecting the dots, and other similar games and hobbies. The articles in this publication are brief and straightforward, making them simple to comprehend. Children in elementary schools find it interesting.

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  • The Children’s Magazine 

The kids’ magazine has short tales accompanied by illustrations, which helps to make the articles more engaging. In addition, some articles are educational and activities that encourage logical thinking in the youngster. It is notable for being the first kids’ magazine printed in the United States. It’s the best edition for the age range from 4 to 9 years old.  

  • Sanctuary Cub 

This publication for youngsters includes information on several types of animals, each of which is explained with accompanying photographs. Children take pleasure in expanding their understanding of nature and the natural world. It fosters a stronger connection between the kid and the natural world. In addition, this kids’ magazine offers a selection of fun activities and games for the youngster to participate in.

  • Tell Me Why

This journal provides the reader with information on a wide variety of topics, many of which may be beneficial to the kid’s academic career. This kids’ magazine issues feature a variety of articles that provide academic knowledge on a certain subject. This magazine is best for the age group seven years old and up till now.


  • National Geographic kids

This monthly kids’ magazine contains fascinating information about the natural world, animals, and wildlife. The children like looking at the photos in this magazine. In addition, puzzles and other games are included, all of which include stunning photographs of the local flora and fauna.

  • Highlights Genies

These kids’ magazines are ideal for those who have just acquired the ability to read independently. This magazine features photographs and brief narratives written in huge letters. It also contains activities like puzzles and crafts to entertain the kid in a manner that is beneficial to their health and helps them develop their thinking skills. This kids’ magazine is best for kids under 2 up to 6 years old.

  • Tinkle

It is one of the most popular kids’ magazine publications, and its cartoon characters are lovable. In addition to that, there are craft projects, scientific information, and general facts included. It hosts art and trivia competitions with enticing rewards in each category.

  • Oyla

This kids’ magazine is filled with ideas related to STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It simplifies complex ideas and encourages children to develop an interest in expanding their knowledge in these areas by providing straightforward explanations.

Because of its attention-grabbing articles and images, it turns the educational process into an enjoyable adventure for children so that they look forward to mastering more complex ideas.


  •  Children’s Digest

It is one of the greatest kids’ magazines in India and has a variety of activities, including educational material, jokes, short tales, surprising facts, wordplay puzzles, and a lot more.

Additionally, it plans exciting contests for children to take part in. The children’s general knowledge is strengthened by reading this monthly magazine since it provides much important information written in English. This kids’ magazine is best for children 8–12 years old.

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These Kids’ Magazines have been well-known for many years and inspire youngsters to develop a love of reading. Your kid will not only become more intellectual if they read magazines, but they will also be shielded and protected from the potentially negative consequences of engaging in activities such as watching television, playing video games, or using smartphones as a form of amusement.

If you want to make a difference in your children’s lives and bring about a good change, now is the perfect time to subscribe to some of India’s top kids’ magazines.

Happy Reading!


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