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10 Benefits of Reading – How to Develop Reading Habit?

Know the Benefits of Reading to become a reader today and become a leader tomorrow.

“Today a Reader

Tomorrow a Leader” – Margaret Fuller

This is the quote which I read on the School Board when I was in Grade 4. My teacher used to write one quotation a day on that board to motivate the students. I used to look at it daily while entering the school. I hardly remember other quotes but this quote was captivated by my mind. It had that impression which made me a reader. This is the reason or habit which made me a writer too.

benefits of reading-wonderparenting

Reading is such a good habit which leads you towards success. Inculcating the habit of reading in your children is beneficial for them.

Every parent wants their child to be good at academics. Reading habit could help them to not only be good in academics but also helps to develop other skills.

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Here are some benefits of reading books:

  • Reading improves vocabulary.
  • Helps to think more creatively and improves imagination.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Reduces stress and a source of entertainment.
  • Stimulates the mind.
  • Improves writing skills.
  • Improves memory and sharpens the brain.
  • Helps to explore the world.
  • Expands knowledge.
  • Develops analytical skills.
  • Language development and social skills.

To develop the habit of reading in children, parents need to work towards it. As a baby learns to walk by holding parents’ hands, they practice by moving forward with shaky steps. Similarly, they are made readers on the laps of their parents.

Every child takes their own time to learn reading and develop this habit. Parents can help in many ways to develop the habit of good Reading. Children learn more rapidly during the first six years of their life. Acquiring skills and habits during these years lays the foundation for the rest of their lives.

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After knowing the benefits of reading, you must read – how to develop this habit of reading.

benefits of reading-wonderparenting

How to develop the habit of reading:

  1. Be a Role Model

I always say that children do not follow your advice, they follow you. You should read more in front of them, be it any book, novel, newspaper or a magazine. Show them, how to hold a book correctly, how to turn pages and how to read from left to right and top to bottom and discuss the benefits of reading.

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  1. Read Real Books

I know it is an era of technology but avoid E-Books as it will encourage children to involve in more screen time. They might also think that you are playing a game on the screen. Even language learning apps should not replace real-life learning.

  1. Become a Book Buddy

Initially read to your child, this is one of the best bonding you can share with your child. Then, read with your child and gradually, he will learn how to read on his own.


  1. Be Easy with the Language

Start reading books or stories of your mother-tongue to develop interest, so they can understand easily. Alternatively, you can select another language say, English and read to them. Make them understand the meaning and tell them to read on their own the next day.

  1. Choose Age-Appropriate Books

Select books carefully which includes proper pictures or visuals complementing the meaningful text. It will create interest and confidence. At different age, children have different language skills and vocabulary. So, wise selection of books will develop their communication skills at a different level.

  1. Comfort is the Key

It is important to make reading an enjoyable experience. Make sure when your child reads, he should be in a comfortable position so that he can focus more and get the benefits of reading. Read in the proper light and always use bright light for comfortable reading. Distractions should be avoided, as good reading develops imagination.

  1. Visit Library or a Book Store

Visit the library regularly to issue different books depending on your child’s choice. Take your child along to a bookstore, where he can help you in selecting and buying books of his interest. Encourage them to exchange books with their friends once they finish reading their respective books. It will help them to explore more.

screen time

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  1. Read Anywhere and Anytime

Make your home a reading zone by labeling different things clearly which they can easily read. For example, mark the cupboards with their names, jars with the grocery items, study table drawers with the material kept in them.


While in car or traveling, encourage them to read signboards, hoardings, store names, car names, etc.

While shopping, teach them to read the names of their favorite stores or eating outlets.

  1. Pronounce Right

Above all, teach your baby the right pronunciation. It sounds nice when they make their own words and pronounce in their own language. You can always note it down for memory but try to correct them on the spot. It will help you in the long term. It is a tried and tested habit. Right pronunciation is the foundation of reading.

  1. Improve Reading Speed

Help children to improve their reading speed gradually. Reading is the biggest indicator of successful school learning. The more you read, the more you learn. Regular Reading not only helps in learning but also makes you a fast reader eventually.

improve reading speed

If you have read this long article, I am sure you are a good reader and of course a leader!

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Have more tips to develop the habit of reading and to achieve more benefits of reading? Please share with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy Reading and Happy Parenting!


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