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Meaning of Mother | Poem by Dr. Tanya Aggarwal

Loving, caring, generous are synonymous with mother. The meaning of mother is not just “to bear”, “to deliver” and “to take care”. It is to nurture life & to make us an individual.


We cannot imagine the pain she bore while she carried us until we become one. She knows from the best to the worst of us. Being with us when we don’t want anyone till we want someone, she will always be there. Without caring about the tears in her eyes, she will adore our smile. Worst we do with her, she will never turn her back. Being a mother is a full-time job and it pays off when we really recognize her. Best we can do is to love & respect her with our whole heart, be it any mom!

Mother is not just a relation

Mother’s relation is purest, unconditional, true and something as the blessing of God. There are situations in life we wish we could fly, she gives us those wings. She always encourages us to follow our passion; she makes it her own passion. In a family, however loving it is, it can never replace the MOTHER. She is the epitome of love and always ready to provide shelter. That is the reason it has been said “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers” -Rudyard Kipling. This is the true meaning of mother.


Meaning of Mother

Mother is God’s eternal creation,

No other relation has love and affection.

It’s the most pure,

Everybody would have shared for sure.

The word mother needs no elaboration,

Be it a mother of an animal or bird, it adds no comparison,

See the sacrifice and beauty of this relation,

It suffices above the satisfaction.

Birth of a baby is so special for mother,

It’s like her own new birth.

She rejoices for the new life she got,

This is the best thing she never thought.

With this new life, she learns new lessons,

She learns to be more responsible than ever.

This new life is her lifelong possession,

This is a tree that will bear fruit forever.

To give the comfort,

Forgot her all discomfort,

Try to get everything best for the child,

But cannot bear to hurt, however mild.

However pain she is into will never let u know,

But she wants to take all worries that u owe,

Never expects u to do the same,

At least don’t give her the blame.

Maybe she won’t find anyone to share her sadness,

But she is all ready to bear your worst mood & madness,

No matter how far U go, how great u become,

She will always stand, to provide you shade and pray for what you become.

She molds herself in every worst situation,

To give u the shape with perfection,

It’s all the mother’s achievement,

That nobody thinks & compliments.

You can now judge, that life without her, Is the barren earth,

Like a bird without feather, and autumn weather.

The best thing is to give her all respect,

And what she deserves and never expects.

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Mother: Love till infinity | Motherhood: Enduring Love

Author Bio: Dr. Tanya Aggarwal apart from being a full-time doctor, she loves to read, write, bake, and do art & craft. She loves reading about human psychology, graphology, and believes that these things are helpful for understanding patients and helping them to heal better.

Dr Tanya

Wish you a very Happy Parenting!


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