Divi Sharma Tips for baby girl dresses

How the little princess Divi Sharma is winning hearts | Tips for baby girl dresses

Everyone loves dressing a baby – especially baby girls! You are bound to take great pride in her appearance and might like to buy some fancy and fairy baby girl dresses for special occasions. It is difficult to decide the outfits as babies grow out of clothes very quickly.
Make sure as far as your baby skin is concerned anything goes as long as it’s soft and comfortable to wear and can be put on and taken off without too much disturbance.
Japanese baby girl dresses
Japanese traditional dress
Divi Sharma is a 5 months old baby girl and she is already winning the heart of everyone with her infectious smile and her innocence. Here are her most adorable outfit collections. Her mother – Deepti Sharma has shared the tips for wonder-parents on baby girl dresses for shopping based on different moods and occasions.
baby girl dresses
Free fit black gown with a headband

Tips for baby girl dresses

1) When it comes to buying jeans and tops for my little one I always go for bigger sizes in slim cuts. Off-shoulder & tank tops can easily become sundresses for now and tops later if you buy them in larger sizes. Same goes for jeans – wear them cuffed now and then regular once she’s a bit bigger and if the waist is stretchy – as shorts later!
baby girl dresses
Sky blue dress with goggles for summer and outing
2) Who says accessories are only for grown-ups? Obviously, it takes a bit more thought and effort to find tiny accessories, but it can instantly change the whole look of an outfit and people always love to ooh and ahh over mini accessories. A few of my favorite baby accessories are headbands, belts, hats, and scarves.
Baby girl dresses
Casual middy dress with a headband
3) There’s a common misconception that babies need to dress baby-ish, but I don’t subscribe to this theory. I like to dress my baby in clothes that look like shrunk down versions of adult clothing. I have a general rule that if I wouldn’t want to wear it myself, I don’t put it on my baby and often times we end up coordinating inadvertently because of it.
baby girl dresses
Off-shoulder dress with matching headband
4) Pattern mixing is fun for babies too! My suggestion is to keep it simple and play with patterns in the same color family. It’s a fun and unexpected way to add some fun to your baby’s wardrobe.

Profile of Divi

Name: Divi Sharma
Profession: Artist
Age: 5 months old
Parent’s information: Divi Sharma is the daughter of Deepti and Vikas – entrepreneurs and founders of Gohoardings.com
You can follow Divi Sharma on the following social media platforms:-
1) Facebook – https://m.facebook.com/Officialdivi/
2) Instagram – @divi_sharma777
Divi Sharma Tips for baby girl dresses
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