How Can Technology Help in Kids Development?

Technology has taken control of our daily lives and it has advanced tremendously. Kids learn various skills through the use of technology which enhances their social and cognitive development. Initially, few educators expressed the concern that technology might reduce socialization and affect kids development.

But, researches show that technology has a positive impact on kids development. Hence, there is an increased amount of communication and positive interaction.

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Role of Parents and Teachers in Kids Development

Technology can help in kids development provided it is carried out with the help of parents and teachers. So, the learning process is not fruitful in an isolated context.

Overuse of anything is harmful and can cause a threat to physical and mental growth and kids development. Therefore, parents and teachers need to teach kids how to control and use technology in moderation.

Some researches have shown that integrating technology into learning and teaching can hereby improve students’ grades and kids development.

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Kids can communicate with their working parents easily who are far away which have a positive impact on their emotional development.

Still, technological interactivity cannot replace the human element of parent-child interaction!

Let’s take a look at the benefits of technology in kids development!

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9 Benefits of technology in kids development

  • Better hand-eye coordination

Through various engaging applications, kids develop hand-eye coordination which is also useful for them as they begin school. Kids visually follow a particular thing on the screen and then actively participate by touching it. Besides that, they can learn shapes and colors through various apps thereby helping in kids development.

  • Improves self-confidence and motivation

So many applications and activities are created which encourage kids to complete various levels in a game. These type of learning games and apps may create a foundation for kids to keep on trying. It helps them to learn how to overcome the challenges. Once they finish a level, it improves their self-confidence and motivates them to move ahead with zeal. This is one of the contributors to kids development.

  • Improves language skills

Through the access of stories online, eBooks, language learning apps, etc. kids develop language skills. Most importantly, they learn new words, pronunciation, spellings in a proper way. Kids can be taught to find word meanings online and how to pronounce them. They can learn various rhymes and songs by visualizing. So, kids development takes place in this way.

  • Increases visual attention and concentration

You must have noticed how much your kid is involved while playing a game online. He is concentrating on the next move in role-playing games where he is involved in simultaneous activities. They need to pay attention to each and every detail to move. This improves his concentration and visual attention to the next level, which is also a way of kids development.

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  • Enhances social interaction

Kids development could also be a result of social interaction. When the kid is motivated and confident in himself by learning various skills, he feels to interact socially with others. They share their ideas in groups of their friends and relatives.

  • Develops problem-solving skills

When kids use various apps related to math and logical reasoning, they learn basic skills of how to solve a problem even out of the screen world also. Their brain starts working in such situations and easily comes out with a solution.

  • Explored horizon

Through the use of technology, kids are explored to the whole world. They can see things online which they cannot see every day. Kids learn that there is much more in their life apart from what they can see daily.

  • Improves cognitive development

Technology provides basic skills in which kids have competency in order to be successful. They learn high-order thinking and how to practically apply knowledge.

  • Develops talents and skills

Technology provides different opportunities where your child can be engaged at an early age. Gradually you will come to know his interests and talent. Kids get an idea about all forms of activities – music, dance, singing, robotics, art, writing, poetry, sports, etc.

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Limit screen time for kids development

Children below two-years-old should not be exposed to any kind of screen activity. Children above two should limit the use of a screen to maximum two hours per day” – AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommended.

So, make sure these two hours should be enriched and filtered by parents and guardians.

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As we all know that technology has its pros and cons in kids development, it is the responsibility of parents to strike a balance.

It is impossible to completely restrict the use of technology. Instead, you can choose the right content and make moderation the key. Be a mindful parent and know when it is the right time for a time-out.

Have more benefits of technology to add that worked for you and your kids in their development? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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Wish you a very Happy and Digital Parenting!

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