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PC for Education | The most viable learning tool | Dell Aarambh

The first and foremost benefit of technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets children and even adults be productive and creative. Technology helps people learn things they did not think they could learn before. So, it is all about the potential of a person which he can utilize with the help of technology. PC for education is the most viable learning tool these days.

PC for Education | The most viable learning tool | Dell Aarambh-wonderparenting

In today’s world, education and learning have been revolutionized due to the influence of computers and the Internet. Hence, it becomes imperative to convey the latest information to young learners via computer applications, devices, and software with the growth of technology at a breakneck speed.

Dell Aarambh – PC for Education

It is Dell India’s initiative to equip parents, children, and teachers with essential PC skills for learning. It is their first step in the direction of change, both at home and at school. They provide vital PC usage skills and make computer knowledge accessible through training and certifications.

Technology has taken control of our daily lives and has advanced tremendously. It is a sincere effort of Dell Aarambh to inculcate knowledge and awareness of PC for education in young minds – the technology experts of tomorrow.

Impact of Technology

Few educators expressed their concern about the negative impact of technology in education. They were concerned that technology might affect a child’s development and reduce socialization. But according to researches, technology has a positive impact on the development of children. Children learn various skills through the use of PC for education which also enhances their cognitive and social development.

Overuse of anything is harmful and the learning process is not fruitful in an isolated context. The collective efforts of parents and teachers will help in teaching children – how to control and use technology in moderation. Integrating PC for education as a learning tool for studies can improve the grades of students and reach the actual academic potential.

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How PC for education is the most viable learning tool?

  • When a mother gets pregnant, she wants to know the steps to care of herself and a life developing in her body. She can learn all the basic things about fetus development, symptoms to watch out for, healthy diet and exercises through PC.
  • She can track her baby’s development stages and vaccination schedule by registering on various sites.
  • Parents can start teaching their toddlers various rhymes and stories through a PC.
  • Ample websites are available to improve the cognitive skills of kids.
  • Once they start preschool, teachers can use a PC for education in various ways to make the learning sessions more interactive.
  • Children can make projects and presentations with the help of a PC.
  • My daughter uses PC for education to improve her Abacus Skills through Visual Calculator. It is a savior for me!
  • Teachers can use a PC for education to make time-tables, question papers, maintain records and track the comparative performance of students.
  • Parents can use PC to maintain their budgets and expenses.
  • Moreover, PC for education can also be used by stay at home moms to make a living through various online jobs.
  • PC for education can also be used to learn various online courses such as music, dance, yoga, foreign languages, DIY crafts, etc.

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  • PC can also be used for net banking, online bookings, online shopping, etc. which saves a lot of time.
  • Lastly, the PC is used for social interaction through various social media platforms. It helps in the emotional development of children.

Role of Adults

As we all are aware of the pros and cons of technology in kids’ development, it’s the responsibility of adults to strike a balance. Technological interaction cannot replace the human element. Instead of completely restricting the use of technology, help children to choose the right content and make moderation the key.

Have more points to add to the list of benefits of PC for education? Please share with us how you use PC for education in the comments section below.

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