lazy children part 2

Lazy Children | 5 Exercises to perform better by raising energy – Part 2

Motivate lazy children by helping them to raise energy and teach them to shift energy. You need to write down what type of energy you want to achieve for a particular event for the best outcome.

  • Quiet
  • Slow
  • Fast
  • Loud

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Create a habit of shifting from one state of energy to the other state by practicing the skills discussed in part 1. The four key phrases you can use to achieve your goals:

  • I Am
  • I Have
  • I Can
  • I Do

These are the powerful phrases which can motivate lazy children and change their life positively.


Let’s practice 5 more exercises to raise the energy level of lazy children:

  1. Belly Breathing

Put your thumbs together and your fingers interconnected. Put the thumbs gently and firmly on your belly button. Hands should be on the diaphragm. Breathe in so that your belly comes out. Now, exhale so that your belly comes in. Your mind, body, and feelings should be calm and interconnected. Now, feel relaxed, inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Repeat this 10 times or even more if you feel better.

  1. Quick Tension Scan (QTS)

Focus on your body parts from top to bottom. Start from the forehead, contract it and release it while breathing. Do similarly from head to toe and breathe deeply and slowly. Release all the tension and get calm. Wriggle your body to let go away all the stress or tension you were holding.

  1. Turmoil Breathing

Breathe in for the count of 4, hold your breath for the count of 4 and then breathe out for the count of 7. Finally, it will help lazy children to remain focused.

  1. Breeze and Trees

Imagine yourself as a tree. Stand straight and bend down to touch your feet. Slowly feel the breeze and come up while moving your hands like leaves move with the breeze. Move your hands up and down, left and right. Do it slowly and then raise your energy to move faster and again come back to a slower motion. In the end, bend down again to touch your feet.

  1. Turtle Walking

Walk very slowly with the heel to toe without making any sound with quiet breathing. Attain quiet and slow energy. Now walk similarly with the heel to toe but now make noise while exhaling, it will help in attaining slow and loud energy. This is a good way to motivate lazy children.

Now walk very fast but make no noise while breathing to achieve fast and quiet energies. Lastly, walk very fast and make noise while exhaling (like a motorboat) to attain fast and loud energies.

How to maintain the level of energies raised:

When you are sleeping it is the energy-level of zero and when you are running fast it is the energy level of 10.

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Now, you have the energy-level more than four and you want the energy-level of four. So, you need to practice some skills such as belly breathing, slow lifting breath, and turtle walking. These skills will help you to lower down your energy level.

In another case when your energy is lower than level four and you want to raise it. So, you can practice quiet and fast clapping exercise. In the third case, if you want to maintain your energy-level to four practice a medium speed lifting breath.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy and Energetic Parenting!


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