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Lazy Child | 5 Exercises to help your child perform better by raising energy

As discussed earlier, there are four hidden energies in children. The personal energy comes from the four basic states – fast, slow, loud and quiet. Most of the children are naturally good at only one or two of these energies at a time. The rest of the time they are good at the other types. A lazy child needs to be motivated by practicing a few exercises.

We should practice shifting energy from one state to the other, which is the biggest challenge. But if we will learn skills of raising energy and energy management, it will serve us for the lifetime. Children will be able to gain some control over their personal energy.

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Let’s discuss energy management tips to motivate a lazy child to raise hidden energy.

Energy management can be done by practicing various skills or exercises of raising energy:

  • Imagine yourself and get ready to learn.
  • Prepare yourself to practice exercises daily for a few minutes.
  • Drink plenty of water (8 to 10 glasses a day).
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Have good rest and sound sleep.
  • Follow good hygiene habits.
  • Be positive and keep smiling.
  • Remember ‘Success is not Happiness’ but ‘Happiness is Success’.

5 Exercises for a lazy child to raise energy:

  1. Silly Bird Exercise

You need to sit down somewhere on stairs or on a chair or bed. The goal is to achieve quiet and slow energy. Slow down your mind, body, heart, and feelings. When we are calm, we get good and sound sleep. Consequently, we sleep better, we think better and we perform better.

Put your thumbs under your armpits and fingers wide open on your bust. Breathe in so that your belly comes out and exhale so that your belly goes in. While doing this move your elbows up and down like a silly bird fly.

Do it 10 times quiet and slow. Then 10 times quiet and raise your energy. This is the time where a lazy child learns to shift energy.

  1. Lifting Breath Exercise

Breath exercise helps to raise the energy level of a lazy child. Sit on a staircase or on a chair. Your feet should be flat on the ground and hands on your lap with palms up. Lift your one palm to the shoulder at a time and then bring it down while lifting the other palm to your shoulder. Do it alternatively with both the hands slowly. Lift your breath while lifting your hands. It will soothe your mind, body, and heart and help to acquire quiet and slow energy.

  1. Clapping Exercise

The goal is to achieve loud and fast energy. Clap your hands loud and fast. You can also clap your hands fast without making noise by bringing them closer but not touching or banging. It will raise your energy up.

  1. Drumming Exercise

Raise energy while having fun with a lazy child. It is expressive and imaginative exercise. If one loves music, he would definitely feel playful, joyful and it will raise energy more efficiently. In this, you have to play an imaginary drum set. Pretend as you are playing the drum with sticks in your hands hitting the tom-toms, the snare drum, and the crash cymbals. Use your hands, feet, and mouth to make a loud noise of hiss or flutter your tongue.

  1. Spoon Exercise

Take two regular kitchen spoons. It is an energizing and a noisy exercise for a lazy child. Attempt to play spoons by holding them together in one hand and pat on your other hand. Then play on your knee but do not hurt yourself. Beat the spoon alternatively on hand and knee.

Teach the lazy child to gain some control over their personal energy by practicing the above exercises.

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Have more tips to raise the energy level of a lazy child? Please share with us in the comments section below.

Wish you a very Happy and Energetic Parenting!


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