4 Types of Hidden Energy in children which makes them more productive

What is Energy and Hidden Energy? Energy in simple terms is the ability to do work and it comes in many different forms. Scientifically, all forms of energy are mainly categorized into two major forms – Potential and Kinetic.

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Potential energy signifies the stored energy. Children also have similar stored energy, that is, Quiet and Slow. Kinetic energy signifies the energy in motion. From the children’s perspective, it is Fast and Loud.

Hence, we can find four types of hidden energy in children:

  • Quiet
  • Slow
  • Loud
  • Fast

For a happy and healthier mind, we need to practice all four types of hidden energy with a balance. Once you will teach your children to balance all the four energies daily, you will see the results.

4 Types of Hidden Energy in Children-wonderparenting

Help them learn to change the energy to make them more happy and healthy:

  1. Quiet

It is very important to be in a quiet environment for a few minutes daily. Children should practice quiet energy by keeping calm. It helps in improving the concentration level of children. Even infants or adults also need quiet time. Voices all around every time can make us uncomfortable.

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Children can remain quiet for at least 15 minutes daily. It should be a nothing-to-do time when they should sit quietly alone and close their eyes to relax. It will soothe their brain which always works. A brain is like a site-under-construction, which is messy and noisy. It also needs a pause during the day to re-charge itself. Silence prompts cell development in the hippocampus region of the brain. Hippocampus region is the part of the brain where memories are formed.

  1. Slow

Slow is another form of hidden energy in children. We can’t see this energy but it is essential to balance this as well. As we all know, children don’t stop throughout the day. Their activities are lined up one after the other, be it school, homework, projects, exams, sports, games, friends or family, hobby classes, emotions, etc. They keep on moving even during sleep hours. Their mind is occupied even during sleep time, planning for the next day.


Children should slow down a bit to use this hidden energy. Teach them not to be in hurry every time. They should do some chores slowly which will help them in improving their focus and attention. It is okay to be slow at times while working, playing or eating. In this fast world, we are losing the importance of this energy which has immense benefits for our health. Everyone is just running.

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But do remember it is not good to be slow in everything. If some chores are pending and you are enjoying being slow, it might create problems in the long term. Set your time accordingly, say, you can wake up on time and have your breakfast slowly. Mealtime should be enjoyed by being slow, eat and chew your food properly and relish the taste. Or if you are going somewhere and you see a beautiful sunrise, sunset, river or farms, you should slow down for a while. Enjoy the beauty of nature and be in the moment, it will definitely give you happiness and will make you healthy.

  1. Loud

Loud itself is energy. One gets loud only when there is energy. Children should be loud when they are in the entertainment zone. They should express their feeling of exhilaration by being loud. It shows that they are enjoying the activity in which they are engaged. Being loud raises their hidden energy and help them to perform well. When the level of excitement increases, it boosts their energy. All the sports and games need this energy.

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Children get loud in a state of anger too. But it is fine to be loud, let them express their emotions. Do not suppress them. All emotions are good and necessary for life. The only thing we need to teach our children is to bring the level of happiness above all other emotions.

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Loud energy is also required to be safe. We always say we should not shout or yell at our children. But if they are in danger, we need to be loud to bring them out of danger. Later on, we can tell them what made us loud and it was only for their safety.

  1. Fast

Fast is another form of energy which we all want to be in our children. Throughout the day, we keep on telling them, wake up fast, get ready fast, have your meals fast, finish your work fast. But this energy needs to be balanced with all other 3 forms of energy.

Fast energy should be utilized where it is required, say, some sport or game. Of course, one can’t be slow every time and children should learn to be fast. In exams, they need to be fast to write the answers, otherwise, time will get over!

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Teach children to set their priorities and allow the time for particular activities accordingly. Few activities require ‘quiet’ and ‘slow’ energy such as studying, learning, eating, enjoying, relaxing, etc. Whereas other activities such as entertainment, sports, games, fun, and safety require ‘loud’ and ‘fast’ energy. We as parents should identify these energies and help our children to maintain a balance in all four energies to become more healthy and happy.

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Have more tips to add to how you raise the hidden energy in your child? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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Wish you a very Happy and Energetic Parenting!


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