Part-time jobs for Stay At Home Moms

Part time jobs for Stay At Home Moms

For all those who want to earn money while nurturing their child, there are a few ideas of part-time jobs for stay at home moms. Even if you are not the sole breadwinner, you may need to bring in some extra money to help supplement the family budget.

The flexible work won’t just help you in getting money but also will help you to explore your hobbies and interest. Taking a break from parenting will not harm your parenting skills rather it will increase the capacity of doing more. There are a number of part-time opportunities available for you at home.

There are a bunch of great options like blogging, a bakery from home, online teaching, share market, affiliate marketing, online cooking classes, creating your own educational videos, online surveys, uplifting old things into new, etc. You can manage both work and home together.

Let’s explore some jobs for stay at home moms

1. Stock Market

A stock market is a place where participants gather to list, buy and sell shares of listed companies. The big companies make their shares public to raise money. And buyers become the owners of those companies to some percentage.
Now if you want to be successful in this field, you need to learn about the stock market. The knowledge has to be strong enough and the logics have to be clear. You can have good knowledge about it by gathering information from news channels like CNBC TV 18, CNBCAAWAZ, various websites, etc. These news channels give a good insight into what’s happening in the market.

investment jobs for stay at home moms

Three important basic parameters of trading:

  • Always keep a check on the company’s growth in which you want to invest.
  • The market depends on direct demand and supply.
  • The logic has to be there where you can earn through knowledge.

What’s going on in the market will automatically benefit the society. Always look around like what our nation needs. If it needs development then think of those companies who are associated with it like NBCC, LARSEN & TURBO, etc. These companies are always on high, very good shares to invest in. There are more like HDFC, ASIAN PAINTS, JUBILANT FOOD WORKS, NESTLE, APOLLO and so on. One can invest in share market through brokers, SIP, mutual funds, etc. but one has to have a bank account and DEMAT account for the same.

2. Online Jobs

An internet connection is what all is required for many online jobs for stay at home moms. You can just log in and work instantly without even having to get out of your bed. And at the same time, you can nurse your baby.

online jobs for stay at home moms

The internet jobs include blogging to other companies, working as a virtual assistant, transcribing the interview, online storyteller for kids, teaching, content writing, etc. You may be surprised at how many online jobs are there just waiting for you to cash in on. If you visit sites like you will find dozens of available part-time jobs for stay at home moms.

Finding an online job needs to be done wisely!

3. Part-time Baker

If you know how to make delectable cakes and cookies with that amazing icing for the special occasions then why not provide your skills to the wider public. Whether it is a cake for a birthday party or wedding cakes or anything in between, show your talent on your Facebook page and start your baker’s journey.

home bakery

Also, you can provide your services to local cafes and can make money out of it. The best thing about this work is that you can do it on your own terms, time and space. One of the perfect jobs for stay at home moms who have a passion for cooking.

4. Event Planning

Event planning is a great business to have if you have a love for parties. For a party planner business, moms need to be highly organized, resourceful, detailed knowledge and desire to bring joy into people’s lives through perfectly dreamy events.

5. Handmade Return Gifts Creator

Return gift is a great idea as a business for creative moms. They are bought throughout the year for many reasons such as birthday parties, anniversaries or get well present, etc. The gift is a love given by you to others.

handmade return gifts

They are basically low to moderate in cost and can be tailormade to suit any occasion, making them very attractive gift options. Starting a return gift business from home can be the best way to make some extra cash but you need to be innovative and should have a love for gift making and creativity.

6. Home Daycare Provider

If you have a passion for looking after kids then it’s the best way to be working. You can start a home day-care center. With this business, you can look after your kids as well as others kids simultaneously. But to start a home day-care you need to get a license to be a home day-care provider and a designated place or space at home. And that area should be safe, clean and friendly for kids to learn and play.

7. Property Manager

To be a property dealer, you must have a vast knowledge about real-estate. Your work is to simply manage the property of others who are living outside the country and rent their properties to tenants. You also have to supervise their properties or maintain their properties by doing a timely inspection. You can schedule the time for meeting according to your own choice.

8. Website Evaluator

To evaluate web pages, you will need to be impersonal and tech jockey since you need to have a basic understanding of how it works. There are some bloggers and website owners who are really concerned about their social pages whether they are working properly or not for that matter they want pure reviews and pay for that.

jobs for stay at home moms

There are many jobs for stay at home moms. The list can go on and on. Always remember moms, its good to be at home with the kids and still can bring some joy into the family through earning some extra money. Respect your work and be proud of it.


Have more ideas for jobs for stay at home moms? Please share with us in the comments section below.

Author: Richa AG | Mommy Blogger | SAHM

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