Hospital Bag Checklist | Essential Things to Pack in Maternity Hospital Bag

You are going to be a mom soon! Your baby might arrive any time if you have completed your pregnancy period. So, it is very important to pack your maternity hospital bag in advance according to the pregnancy hospital bag checklist.

You should pack your hospital bag around the 8th month of your pregnancy. Here we are providing you with a hospital bag checklist. This checklist will help you to pack everything that you will need for yourself and your newborn baby.

Once the bag is packed, keep that handy, either in the almirah or near the door, or you can keep that in your car also. Here is your bag checklist, keep reading.

Essential things to pack in the maternity hospital bag

1. Hospital paperwork, ID, and insurance card

These all papers are very important, don’t forget to keep them in your hospital bag. You must have all your medical records too, so your doctor can easily review your medical history.

Your ID, medical cards, and hospital file must be in your hospital bag checklist.

2. Comfortable clothes 

Don’t forget to pack your comfortable clothes. That can be useful for pacing around labor, or afterward. You would need them if you spend some time in the hospital after giving birth to your child.

You should pack some pairs of socks, panties, feeding or nursing bra, nightgown, towels, hankies, and scarves. These all things must be in your hospital bag checklist.

3. Comfortable pillows

You must be thinking why pillow? Yes, your hospital will provide you with one, but that might be not comfortable for you. And after the labor pains and giving birth to your baby, you will need complete rest for some time.

So, you can write down it in your hospital bag checklist.

4. Heavy-duty maternity pads

You should pack a few packs of heavy-duty maternity pads for yourself. After the delivery, it is normal to bleed a lot. Maternity pads are softer and more absorbent than standard pads, that’s why you should keep them in your hospital bag.

In the starting, you may need to change pads more frequently. But after a few days, the flow will become normal. Therefore, you should pack some good kinds of maternity pads too, and write them down in your hospital bag checklist.

5. Few Toiletries

Toiletries are also very important to pack in your hospital bag. You should keep tissues, comb, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hair ties, soap, moisturizer, and sanitizer.

You can keep some plastic bags to pop dirty clothes in them.

Hospital bag checklist for your baby

1. Some baby clothes

After giving birth to your baby, your baby will need clothes too. You can consult with your doctor on what newborns can wear. Then pack accordingly.

You should pack some socks and booties too for your newborn baby. Don’t forget to pack some nice diapers, sheets, hankies, mittens, and caps for your baby.

2. Baby blanket

You must pack in your hospital bag a soft baby blanket for your newborn baby. It will keep your baby warm in the car too on the way home.

A baby blanket of your own is always a good idea to have on hand to use during skin-to-skin contact too.

3. Going-home outfits

Don’t forget to pack some going-home outfits for both of you (your baby and yourself). Consider the weather condition and then pack according to that.

If the weather is cold then you have to pack jackets, caps, mittens, and gloves. And if the weather is hot then a bodysuit and booties could be fine.

So, this is a hospital bag checklist for you. Now you will be well prepared for your delivery time in the hospital. 

Happy Parenting!!


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