Vaginal Discharge during Pregnancy

Vaginal discharge or white discharge is very common in females. It starts when a female hits puberty and lasts until the end of menopause. The amount of discharge varies from women to women and increases at the time of menstruation. Almost all the women have vaginal discharge during pregnancy which is quite normal and is a sign of a healthy uterus. 

During pregnancy, the cervix and the walls of the vagina get softer, and discharge increases which helps to prevent any kind of infection to travel from the vagina to the womb.

What is watery discharge during pregnancy? 

The type of watery discharge depends on the stage of the pregnancy. The characteristics and implications of watery discharge may differ based on the stage of your pregnancy. 

Mentioned below are trimester wise characteristics:

1. Watery discharge in the first trimester

Discharge during the first trimester is clear and with a slightly pungent smell. It is like the slimy discharge which you have during your menstruation and can sometimes stain your undergarment.

This kind of vaginal discharge during pregnancy appears due to a sudden increase in the estrogen level which increases blood flow to the vaginal area leading to an increase in other secretions.

2. Vaginal discharge during the second trimester

In the second trimester, the watery discharge is thick white in color and consistency. It is more frequent than the first trimester as it occurs due to the overflow of hormones in the women’s body. The problem occurs when there is a foul smell in the discharge or blood spots along with it. Do consult to doctor immediately, if you notice the same.

3. Watery discharge in the third trimester

At this time, there is thick white discharge and it can exhibit itself in many forms based on color, odor, frequency, amount, and presence of blood. A heavy flow even implies preterm labor or water breaking. Be sure not to take vaginal discharge during pregnancy lightly.

Important facts about watery discharge during pregnancy

There are several signs and symptoms associated with vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Some of them are:

  • A watery vaginal discharge may occur consistently throughout the entire pregnancy period.
  • The discharge can be yellow, white, pink, green, or blue.
  • It may occur during and after sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

Let’s talk about normal and abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

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Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Most instances of watery discharge are perfectly normal. If you experience the following, there is nothing to worry about:

  • Leucorrhoea – This kind of discharge is a standard one. It is clear, thin, and watery. It can be the first symptom of the pregnancy as it shows up right after you have conceived.
  • Blood spots – In the final week, there may be bleeding along with the mucus which means that the labor time is near within a few days. The mucus blocks your cervix, preventing infections.
  • Amniotic Leakage – Amniotic fluid leaking is when the watery discharge in the third trimester of your pregnancy resembles urine and has flakes in it. There is nothing to worry about it. However, if there is heavy greenish watery discharge, it means that your water bag is broken, and you must rush to the hospital.


Abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Sometimes the vaginal discharge can disturb and irritates you, which largely means that there is some abnormality and can be a sign of the following – 

  • Premature Labor – Excessive blood in the last week of the pregnancy indicates premature labor. Time to rush to the hospital immediately.
  • Yeast building – A yeast infection can happen anytime but is more likely to happen during pregnancy. In this situation, the discharge will be greenish-yellow or thick curd-like. You may experience pain during urinating. A yeast infection results in redness and irritation in the vaginal area.
  • Sexually transmitted disease – Vaginal discharge even occurs if you contract sexually transmitted diseases during pregnancy. This can affect your immunity, health, and also your fertility levels. Hence, consulting a doctor is the best solution if you notice frequent watery discharge.
  • Vaginosis – It is caused by bacteria and is accompanied by discharge, itchiness, and burning sensation while urinating. The discharge will also have a foul odor. Treating it immediately will avoid the situation of preterm labor or miscarriage.

When does watery discharge become Infection?

Try and notice the following things, to ascertain the difference between normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy and abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

  • Excessive vaginal discharge with lower body pain, especially after the 27th week of pregnancy.
  • Sudden changes in the color or smell of the discharge.
  • Itchiness, inflammation, redness, and painful urination.
  • Persistent fever.

Treatment of watery discharge

  • Medical treatment – The best way is to consult a doctor if you observe changes in vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Your doctor will provide you the treatment as well as the steps to keep vaginal clean and healthy.
  • Home Remedies
    1. Use panty liners as and when required. Keep the stock handy.
    2. Maintain hygiene to lower the risk of infection. Was your vaginal area regularly with clear water.
    3. Wipe your genital area from front to back after passing stool or urinating.
    4. Follow a healthy diet and avoid eating junk and sugary foods as they may lead to yeast building.
    5. Wear cotton underwear. Make sure the underwear is clean and dry.
    6. Drink plenty of water.
    7. Include curd in your meals to encourage the growth of good bacteria in the body.
    8. Use pH balanced vagina wash.

Things to remember 

  • Visit the doctor regularly
  • Make hygiene a ritual
  • Change undergarments regularly
  • Trust your doctor.

We hope that by this time you must have understood the difference between normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy and abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Be careful about the changes your body goes through.

Do try the tips mentioned in this article if you have normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy. For abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy, don’t hesitate to visit the doctor. 

Wish you a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy!

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