Back Pain During Pregnancy- All You Need to Know

Back pain during pregnancy is one of the biggest complaints among pregnant women. The women are going to suffer from back pain in pregnancy early in the second half or the third quarter. 

In the last quarter of the pregnancy, it is common that every woman would experience the back pain but what’s the reason behind the back pain in early pregnancy, let’s check out. 


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About first trimester or early back pain 

There’re various body parts that cause back pain during pregnancy and even hormonal changes. The following are reasons for the back pain during early pregnancy. 

  • Hormonal level increases 

In the pregnancy phase, the hormones are released from your body and that released hormone softens and loosens the joints and the ligaments of the pelvis. The softening and the loosing of the pelvis area are important for the delivery of the baby. 

The released hormone would move throughout the body and affects all of the joints in your body. Hence, during the first trimester, you would suffer from back pain due to softening and loosing of the pelvic region. 

  • Anxiety or stress 

Stress is not at all healthy either for a pregnant lady or for any person out there. If you are too stressed out then you would suffer from muscle pain or tightness. This is because anxiety increases muscle pain. Hence, avoid taking stress as much as possible to avoid back pain during pregnancy

About second and third trimester back pain 

As the trimester increases, the back pain would increase. During the second and third trimester, women would go through sore back pain. The back pain in pregnancy symptoms increases further during the second and the third trimester. 

The reason behind the back pain during pregnancy in the second and third trimester is as followed: 

  • Baby’s weight increases 

There’s a greater risk of back pain if the women have suffered from back pain before pregnancy. The weight on the back increases as the baby’s weight increases. Hence, women would suffer from lower back pain. Your back should be strong even to carry the weight of the baby. 

  • Larger belly shifts the center of gravity 

In the third trimester, the belly portion gets much bigger and it shifts the center of the gravity. Pregnant women have to manage how to sit, sleep, and move. Moreover, the women would increase the back pain during pregnancy if she stands for a longer duration or bending down frequently. 

Treatment of the back pain during pregnancy 

Follow the below-given tips for avoiding the sore back pain: 

  • Let your muscles get flexible by doing exercises such as swimming, walking, and stationary cycling under the proper trainer. 
  • Apply heat and cold to the backache for 20 minutes. Avoid too much heat during pregnancy.  
  • The most important is to improve the posture of sitting, working, and sleeping. Avoid giving strain on the spine. 
  • Acupuncture is best for relieving the low back pain during pregnancy and it is confirmed by the studies. 

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Happy Pregnancy!


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