Things to Consider While Planning for a Second Baby

Having a baby not only promote you from a lady to a mother but also flips your world upside down. If you already have a child you may know it better. Maybe you have got a bouncing baby who has just started to crawl or a toddler who has just said goodbye to the diapers or a kid who is ready to go to the school; each experience is different. If your first pregnancy was a smooth run, don’t expect the second time to be the same. Your body, energy level, and hormones all must have undergone some major changes and though this is the second time, your body will challenge you in numerous ways. So, if you’re planning for a second baby, here are few things you should keep in mind to make your pregnancy smooth sailing.

But before that, let’s know why it is important to have a second child:

  • You have experience as to what is coming and how to deal with it.
  • Your first one learns the importance of sharing & caring.
  • You will see your first one becoming more responsible.
  • Parents with one child face the problem of their kid feeling alone. Your first one will get a friend for life.
  • The sound of them laughing and playing together will be the cutest thing you will see and will make you feel complete.


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Considerations while planning a second baby:


  • Blood Test: Getting a blood test done is the first step to the ladder of planning for a second baby. This is important not only to confirm the pregnancy but also to check your iron level. There are chances that you might develop iron deficiency during your second pregnancy. Iron is an important nutrient as it helps in forming red blood cells for the mother, baby, and the placenta.
  • Tracking of Ovulation: Planning for a second baby requires efforts. Having an active sex life with no precautions does not necessarily make your baby-making smooth. So start tracking your ovulating days to know when it is the right time for you to conceive.
  • Lose some weight: Excess weight can come in way of pregnancy as it affects fertility or even leads to PCOD, where hormonal imbalance can lead to delay or stop the release of eggs at the right time. Shedding weight can be difficult but it’s not impossible.
  • Take your partner’s help: Educate and take your partner’s help in conceiving without any difficulty by convincing him to avoid vices like alcohol, smoking, and other things that are hindrances. Instead, attract him towards a healthy lifestyle, so that sperm fertilize the eggs soon.
  • Timing of second pregnancy: If you’re tensed and worried about your age and fertility, then the sooner you plan for a second baby the better. However, ensure at least the gap of 3 years so that your toddler is old enough and does not require the same attention.
  • Talk to IVF specialist: If you’re continuously trying for 6 months and are not getting any results, don’t get frustrated. This is the time you take advice from an IVF specialist. Difficult to conceive and miscarriages are very common in second-time pregnancy of urban Indian women due to lifestyle changes, maternal age, medications, work-life stress, etc.
  • Financial situation: Planning for a second baby will bring an added expense no matter when it happens, but the timing of your pregnancy can have a big impact on how much extra savings you shell out. You and your partner should set a preliminary family budget to avoid the situation of financially over-burdened.


What happens when babies are born a little too close together?

Having a baby on the way and an infant in the arms have the following pros and cons.


Health Pros:

  • If you’re concerned about your age and fertility start planning for a second baby early.
  • Your first baby will keep you on toes round the clock which means you’ll get more of the exercise.
  • You probably won’t have time to undergo unnecessary worrying over every pregnancy symptom.

Health Cons:

  • During your second baby, you will not enough rest as much as your body ants.
  • Unlike your first pregnancy, you’ll have to do heavy lifting like carrying firstborn.
  • If you’ve had C-Section it may be difficult to have a vaginal delivery.
  • If you’re breastfeeding then you’ll have to take care of the nutrients so that you can feed two babies.

Planning for a second baby after C-Section:

There are specific factors to consider when trying to decide the best time to get pregnant after C-section.

  • Your overall mental and physical health.
  • If you re above 35, and you might want to get pregnant sooner due to risks involved with later in life pregnancies.
  • Allow your body to heal completely.
  • Prepare well for the conception of your next child.
  • Overcome stress and depression.

Risks associated with getting pregnant after C-section:

  • Uterine tearing
  • Placental abruption
  • Preterm labor
  • Placenta previa.

So, you see, planning a second baby is a very good idea. You can once again go through the roller-coaster and fulfilling experience of pregnancy and motherhood and have a complete family too. Your first baby will have a friend for life, and growing together the two children will give you and your children some valuable lessons.

Happy Parenting!

Author: Kratika Ajmani | Banker by Profession | Writer by Passion | New Mommy on board



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