Newborn Essentials All Parents Must Have

Are you prepared for your newborn baby? It pays to be ready with the things that you and your newborn needs at home. You need to have a newborn essentials list for an easier and smoother way of taking care of your newborn. Creating one also helps you prepare for the financial responsibility of a new parent.

Read on for newborn essentials for parents and your child: 

1. Breastfeeding Essentials 

No newborn essentials list will be complete without having feeding essentials. There’s plenty of things you need to consider when it comes to feeding, so consult your pediatrician. A good start is by making formula with ingredients that you’re 100% comfortable with.

If you plan to bottle-feed your newborn, make sure to bring plenty of extra bottles. You can choose to bring either glass, silicone, or plastic. You may also want to bring a bottle brush with a bottle drying rack.

Avoid packing dark clothes since it can show stains of the breast milk if ever it leaks. You can also bring breast pumps that are either electric, manual, or battery-operated. Be sure to bring along a sterilizer to clean your bottles and other tools along with your breasts. 

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Don’t forget to bring bibs and wipes to clean up any mess your newborn makes. Consider buying a support pillow for yourself to help your position while you breastfeed your baby. All in all, prepare the following breastfeeding essentials:

  • Milk formula
  • Baby bottle
  • Bottlebrush with bottle drying rack
  • Nursing pads 
  • Light clothes for breastfeeding
  • Breast pumps
  • Sterilizer
  • Bibs and baby wipes
  • Support pillows 

Preparing yourself a few months before giving birth is a good way to avoid a mess. It’s best to get these essentials a few months, like 1 to 3 months before you get into labor. 

2. Bed and Sleep Essentials 

Creating a warm and soft sleeping area for your newborn is essential for the first few months. We recommend that you sleep with your baby for the first 6 to 12 months. Add a range of blankets to your bed to make the bed soft.

However, don’t add too many bedding and blankets since it can disrupt your baby’s breathing. Although sleeping with your baby is a good idea, you’re not always going to be there. So here are some things you need to prepare for your newborn:

  • Crib, cradle, or bassinet
  • Crib mattress
  • Mosquito net
  • Baby monitors 

Find a crib with firm mattresses with light sheets. The pillows should be double-layered and properly stitched to avoid suffocating your baby. Mosquito nets are a great investment for protecting your baby from bites and illnesses. 

Baby monitors are ideal for those that have to do other work while your baby sleeps. It also helps if the baby room is away from where you’re going. Go for the best long-range baby monitor so you can walk around the house with no signal problems. 

3. Bathing Essentials 

Newborn essentials care is essential to keeping your baby clean and comfortable. For the first weeks, give your baby a sponge bath to avoid hurting him or her. Avoid bathing your baby daily; go for at most three times a week. 

Below are some bathing essentials for your newborn:

  • Bathtub
  • Towels
  • Newborn-friendly shampoo and body wash
  • Baby cream or lotion

You can choose between plastic, inflatable, foldable, or convertible tubs. Plastic tubs are the easiest to clean, while foldable and inflatable tubs are more portable. Convertible tubs are best for the long term since it can expand as your baby grows. 

Always have 2 to 3 soft, cotton towels with absorbent material when you bathe your baby. Make sure to check the labels of the shampoos and soaps you plan to buy. Go for the small bottles so you can test how your newborn’s skin reacts to the product. 

Baby cream or lotion is great for moisturizing your newborn’s skin. Many newborns have dry areas, so constantly using baby cream help prevent dry and split skins. Remember to do a patch test to see the reaction of the lotion to your newborn’s skin. 

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4. Clothing Essentials 

The first thing that you need to look for is clothes for your newborn. You can go to onesies, t-shirts, pajamas, and so on. Buy clothes with soft fabrics. 

Be sure to avoid clothes with ribbons, glitters, sequins, and so on. It can be a source of choking hazards and be the source of skin irritation. Try to hold yourself back when shopping for clothes for your newborn baby since they can grow fast.

Get some full bodysuits for easy dressing and changing. Buy those with press up buttons at the front from the ankle to the neck. Don’t forget to buy at least three pairs of cotton socks to keep your newborn warm and comfortable. 

5. On-the-Go Essentials 

Your newborn essentials for on-the-go should depend on your mode of transport. It’s better to find the most economical options when investing in useful items when you step out with your baby. Everything your baby need inside your home should also be with you when you head out. 

The first thing you need is a diaper bag with at least 3 to 4 diapers. Don’t forget to add other essentials such as lotion, baby bottles, and sterilizers. Depending on your transportation mode, you can choose to get a car seat or a baby stroller. 

You can also choose to use a baby carrier for more bonding and comfort. Have a ready supply of breast milk in a baby bottle to avoid bringing out your breasts in public. Don’t forget extra clothes for when your baby stains the clothes he or she has on. 

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Newborn Essentials All Parents Must Have

That’s about it! It’s a bit overwhelming for first-time parents, but remember to prioritize the needs instead of wants. Become a better parent and prepare for your newborn with these essentials today!

We hope you enjoyed our list of needed newborn essentials! Do you need more information about newborn care? Consider taking a look at our posts for more guides about baby care. 

Happy Parenting!


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