How to Cut Baby’s Nails Safely: Tips to Use Nail Grooming Set

As a new mom, there are sacks full of things to learn, experience, and master. One of the most difficult and anxiety-inducing events for a parent is baby nails cutting.

It is very hard to believe soft and tiny hands of babies can grow such sharp and ragged nails, and due to their so uncoordinated movements, babies can easily scratch themselves and you. So when the baby is still small, you’ll have to become pro at baby nails cutting.

Let us explain what you’ll need and how to complete baby nails cutting.

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Correct Baby Nail Supplies for baby nails cutting

Before you begin baby nails cutting, you’ll need the right nail supplies. Let’s cover what you should add in your cart – 

  • A pair of baby nail clippers/baby nail cutters
  • An emery board made for infants
  • Baby nail scissors
  • A first aid kit.


Learn the proper baby nails cutting technique

Now that we have got the right nail cutting equipment, let’s learn the technique of cutting baby nails. By practicing a safe and smart technique, you will avoid discomfort and injuries to the soft skin of your baby.

  • Start by holding your baby’s finger with a gentle and firm grip. 
  • Press down on the pad of their finger to keep the nail up and away from the skin.
  • When you cut the first nail, follow the same, and keep the natural curve intact. Do the same for all the fingers and the thumb.

This technique will help them look neat and tidy all the time. The best time for baby nails cutting is when the baby is sleeping or taking the feed as this is the time when the body of the baby is inactive. Work quickly and with focus. You will then have enough time to inspect the nails as you learn to cut them without poking the skin.

Cutting Toenails

Believe it or not, the toenails of your baby are as sharp as that of the fingers. As cutting fingernails are similar to the toenail cutting, there are few extra tips that should be taken care of. If the nails aren’t too long, you can use a nail file instead of a nail cutter. This technique is well suited for toenails as toenails don’t grow fast as that of the fingernails.

Sometimes, your baby can have ingrown toenail which begins to grow into the skin of the foot. If your child has one, they can swell the feet and leave your kid uncomfortable. If you notice any redness or discharge near the feet, treat your little one right away. 

  • Place the feet of your little one in a tub of lukewarm soapy water.
  • Try to keep the toe in the solution for about 10 minutes.
  • Pat the area dry and carefully massage an unscented and herbal baby lotion into the nail fold.

Doing this daily, the nail will rise away from the skin and will grow again naturally.

How often do we need to cut the nails?

Fingernails grow faster, so you need to cut them more than once a week. Toenails grow slowly, so a couple of times in a month is fine. But cutting toenails is equally important as cutting fingernails, as the kids when they reach 4-5 months of age, they start taking their toenails in their mouth. This can lead to infection.

What happens if the skin is cut?

If you accidentally cut the skin near the nail, don’t worry. Hold a piece of soft, clean, damp cotton wool on the cut, apply a little pressure on the wound, and the bleeding will stop. Don’t use a plaster, as it may come in the baby’s way and may choke it.

Don’t bite baby nails!

Never bite baby nails to keep them shorter. Germs from your mouth could get into tiny cuts on your baby’s fingers and can cause infection.

Stop your baby from scratching!

To stop your baby from scratching put mittens and socks on your baby’s hands and feet – but they probably won’t stay for long. Also, you can try to keep your baby wrapped so that their hands and feet are safely covered and may stop them from uncoordinated movements.

Other helpful tips for baby nails cutting!

  • Put on mittens if you can’t cut baby nails.
  • Always keep an extra pair of trimmers to diaper bag
  • Seek pediatrician’s help for ingrown nails
  • Make sure the baby wears comfortable mittens and socks.

When you’re attentive towards baby nails cutting regularly, the baby is less likely to suffer from infection or ingrown toenails. If you are disciplined in baby nails cutting it will prevent your kid from unwanted injury from poking or scratching.

Besides making your baby’s hygiene easier, a regular and disciplined baby nails cutting care is an excellent foundation for healthy hands and feet for a lifetime.

Happy Parenting!

Author: Kratika Ajmani | Banker by Profession | Writer by Passion | New Mommy on board



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