This is How to Hold a Newborn the Right Way!

Are you wondering how to hold a newborn?

It’s a common question many people have. While newborn babies are adorable, loveable, and almost too cute for words, they are also tiny humans who are fragile and need to be handled with care.

If you have never held a newborn baby, the prospect of doing so can leave you a little nervous and uncertain. Fortunately, by being prepared, you can learn how to properly hold a newborn and bask in all of their adorableness without being afraid of hurting them.

If you are ready to hold your first newborn baby or just need a bit of a refresher, this short and simple guide is for you. 

  • Relax

The first step for holding a newborn is to relax. Tensing up will just make it more difficult to concentrate on holding the baby correctly. Not only that, babies can feel your tension so holding them when you are stressed or anxious will just pass on those feelings to them.

  • Know the Holding Positions

There are a variety of ways to hold a baby, ranging from cradling them in the crook of your arm to putting them on your shoulder. Before holding a baby, study the holding positions and pick the one that feels the most natural to you. While you don’t always have to use the same position, using one until you are comfortable is a great idea. 

  • Wash Your Hands

A great tip for how to hold a baby is to wash your hands first. Babies are fragile and have developing immune systems, making them susceptible to illness. Make sure you are not fighting a cold or flu and have freshly washed hands before holding a baby.

  • Make Sure You Are Stable and Comfortable

The right way to hold a newborn is to make sure you are stable and comfortable. If you have never held a newborn, consider sitting down instead of standing. Whether you are sitting or standing, make sure you are in a comfortable position before holding a baby.


bonding with a newborn baby

  • Support the Baby’s Head

The best way to hold a baby is to support their heads. This is especially true for newborns who don’t have the ability to support their own heads. Make sure your hand is holding their head and neck at all times to provide the best support. 

  • Consider a Carrier or a Sling

If you need to hold or carry a baby for a long time, consider using a baby carrier or a swing. These baby accessories are excellent at providing support and keeping the baby safe and comfortable. You can check out these ring slings if you don’t already have one. 

This Is How to Hold a Newborn

By following these tips for how to hold a newborn, you can hold a baby in the right way.

Start by relaxing and letting go of all the tension and anxiety you are feeling. You should also learn a few holding positions, wash your hands, and make sure you are stable and comfortable. Always support the baby’s head and consider a carrier or a sling if you will be holding the baby for a while. 

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Follow these tips to properly hold a newborn baby.

Happy Parenting!


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