Safe and Sound Tips for Using Infant Swings

Infant swings are a valuable asset in present times. It helps the new parents to soothe a fussy baby or makes a safe place for their kiddo when they are busy with work.  It acts as a lifesaver when it comes to stopping babies from fussing for hours. 

Safety experts test the infant swings, go through the list of baby swings repeatedly, and then come up with safe and sound tips for using infant swings. In this article, you will find out the safest tips for keeping your infant away from accidents. 

Latest safety standards

Infant swings often prove to be a valuable asset whenever parents require something soothing for the baby. Baby swings help the baby stay entertained. That said, you can get an infant swing that meets the latest safety standards and ensure that it is protected against accidental falls. 

Infants under the age of 4 months must always be kept in the reclined swing position to avoid slumping over and suffocating. The swing mustn’t be vulnerable to tipping over or folding up easily. It could pose a risk of strangling.


In case the swing is capable of adjusting to more than a 50-degree angle, you must see that it comes with shoulder straps to ensure that the infant in the seat is prevented from falling out. Ensure that the mobile toys attached to the strings are not vulnerable to getting pulled off easily. 


Always look for the proper cradle surface and consider a relatively flat one while in motion and while stopped. Also, ensure that the infant doesn’t become susceptible to tipping or falling out. 

Besides the factors mentioned above, you also have to consider certain features to ensure your baby’s safety

Neck and head support 

This is a mandatory feature that you should note that gives the baby the required safety. A proper head and neck support becomes perfect for the baby to sit in a comfortable position. 

Noise and vibration settings

Sometimes the infant swings come with multiple noise settings and are better for putting the baby to sleep. At the same time, you should also look for the vibration settings because they control the swinging movement and keep soothing the baby at all times. 

It can also give the baby the feeling that it’s in the comfort of its mother’s womb. You can select one that will also help you set playtime and nap time settings.

Age range 

The baby swing has little to no importance for the age range because, at the same age, different babies may have different weights. Therefore you must always consider the weight limit instead of just checking the age range.

In case your baby is beyond the recommended weight, the swing may become unsafe for it. Besides, it might make the baby feel uncomfortable.


While purchasing an infant swing, it becomes essential to check the fabric. Ensure that it doesn’t cause irritation to the infant’s skin. Besides, it should be completely dry to avoid mildew or mold.

Moreover, it should be easy to wipe off the frames and other parts with mild soap and a damp cloth. 

Using baby swings safely

Many parents find infant swings good for making the baby go to sleep. However, the AAP warns people repeatedly about the safety issues related to swings, bouncers, and similar devices.

This is the reason why it is advisable to check for the surface type of the swing. For preventing the baby’s still-soft head from becoming flat, it’s worth considering a swing that will not lay too much impact on the surface. 

Besides, parents and caregivers must practice moderation to keep the infants on track developmentally. Most-reclined position, adherence to specific weight limits, and making sure that the swing seat stays level in motion become the essential points to be noted before buying one. Besides, it is advisable to consider putting an infant in a baby swing only with adult supervision.

Final Words

All these tips that we’ve discussed above will help you get an excellent infant swing for your little one. So, go through the recommendations in particular before buying one. Leave a comment for any related questions. Stay connected for more complete guides.

Happy Parenting!


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