When Do Babies Get Their First Tooth?

As a mother or parent, we all love watching our babies first smile, first rolling over, first walk, and their first tooth. But when do babies get first tooth, is our main concern question here. Teething is one of the main difficult time for every child. 

Because teething brings discomfort, tears and some sleepless nights as well. But this is a cycle for every human being and we all have to face it. 

If you notice that your baby becomes a little cranky or fussy, drooling often, and want to chew anything, your baby might be teething. 

In this article, we will tell you when do babies get first tooth. Stay with us and keep reading. structure-of-teeth-wonderparenting

Baby’s first tooth appears between 4-7 months 

The teething period starts in babies mostly between 4-7 month. However, if your baby hasn’t got their tooth by 7 or 9 months, not to worry. You can concern about it with your pediatrician. 

To know, when do babies get first tooth, there is not any fixed time for this. Many infants start their teething at around 6 months. Every child will likely have a full set of their teeth by age 3. And that time the joy of teeth brushing routine has to start. 

But some babies are born with 1 or 2 teeth also and that is called a natal tooth. This occurs in very few infants, that’s why this is uncommon. Some infants are early teethers too, in that case not to worry about it. Hence, if you notice that your baby starts showing signs of teething around 2-3 month, not to worry. 

Your baby just a bit ahead in the norm of the teething process. When your baby’s teeth are ready to erupt, the lower teeth usually come first. Two teeth in the lower middle then followed by upper-middle two teeth. 

However, some babies don’t follow this order and their teeth can come randomly too. So, when do babies get first tooth, you know the answer now. 

Sometimes new parents might also be fooled by seeing tiny white dots on their baby’s gum. They think that is the first tooth of a baby. But no, these are gingival cysts. They eventually go away after some time without any treatment. 

Signs of teething

Now you know when do babies get first tooth. After knowing it we will tell you about the signs of teething in your baby. Because before your baby first tooth comes in, your child will give you some signs of their discomfort. Which are happening because of the teething. So, you should know that also. Your baby can:

  • Be fussy and cranky more than usual.
  • Have swollen and sensitive gums.
  • Drooling more.
  • Appear a light rash because of drooling.
  • Start to chew everything or something hard items.
  • Refuse to eat food, only want to have liquids. 

Teething does not cause fever, diaper rash, running nose, or diarrhoea, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. So, if you notice any other symptoms in your baby then you should concern with your pediatrician. 

It can be any other problem. Hence, don’t ignore that. These were the symptoms of when do babies get first tooth. But always keep in touch with your pediatric. 


After knowing about when do babies get first tooth, what to do next?

  • Buy some teething toy for your infant. And keep that in the refrigerator before each use.
  • Give them cold food, like bananas and yogurt will help them with sore gums.
  • Give light massage to your baby’s gum with a clean finger.

Now, you know everything about when do babies get first tooth. Don’t panic and take care a little more of your teething baby. 

Enjoy parenting!! 


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